Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dubai World Cup - part trois

Life is not a fairy-tale. If you lose a shoe at midnight: you're drunk at the racing event.

It has been 23 years since Dubai World Cup was first introduced... this year is my 3rd to witness the closing ceremony of the world's richest day of horse racing. A total of 30 million USD prize for the 9 races that day. Do I need to say more?
Glitz, glam and beauty was in full attendance at the racing event
During break between the 8th and 9th races, went to the powder room and back. Two tipsy white guys in mid 20s to early 30s passed me by, both looked at me - one of them stopped and said "Xie, xie. Ni hao!" (Mandarin for: Thank you. Hello!). Ugh, random ni hao-ers of the world who think they know my mother tongue (Filipino)...

Guys, guys, guys... throwing "xie xie or ni hao" at a random East Asian looking person is a terrible pick up lines. I do not have a problem with Chinese people but it's weird to be greeted in Mandarin because I do not speak it and that's not the official language in this place. So, next...

The closing ceremony had ended at 9:30-ish. And this year, as everyone knew, no post-race concert at the racecourse track but there was an official after-party with Flo Rida and some DJ at one of the Meydan clubs. 

After the closing ceremony I managed to meet some of my colleagues so we could all go together to the after-party. The problem was - most of the security and the people at the entrance/exit gate did not know about this official after-party and could not give proper info to us. About 10pm, we finally found out which club's gonna host Flo Rida but would only open/start at 11pm. I decided to go home and leave my colleagues there. Sorry - too gorgeous to wait for Flo, LOL.

The next day, I found out that when some of my colleagues went for some grub and such while waiting for  the 11 PM White Club gate opening; when they returned to the Club, the gate had closed and they could no longer be accommodated. They were turned away. Tss!!!

Anyway, beware of luxury hotel taxi, it will cost you an arm and a leg. I paid 200 dhs for that Lexus private taxi going home - if it was Dubai taxi, it would only cost me 50-60 dhs.

The end.

Click here and swipe to scroll through all my DWC pictures (excuse me for loving myself, LOL), you can watch the video at the end of the gallery.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Sri Lanka Day 5: Beruwala and Colombo


I got tongue-tied when we reached Beruwala the night before. The town was in total darkness, we passed by a market or probably a town proper, and only few shops have lights on.. being born and raised in the Philippines, I know power outage is normal in some remote areas during bad weather. Anyway, we reached the hotel and straight to our room. I could hear the strong waves are lashing onto the shore, it was kinda disturbing because our balcony is one pool away from the shore - even the bell boy said "rough sea tonight". So while having my tea for the night I was chatting to my Sinhalese friend in Dubai who said she heard that there's a cyclone and landslides in her country and wished me safe. I thanked her and told her I am safe besides the cyclone is in down south (!). At first it didn't occur to me to check the news / current weather in SL. Then later on I Google where I really was that time. My friend told me to go to a different place since it's continuously raining. I couldn't sleep and sent our chauffeur-guide a text asking where he is and was relieved to know that he's somewhere nearby and didn't go to his bro's place which he mentioned earlier is 2 hrs away from where we are. The next morning, I saw the giant waves hitting the shore, looking as if it gonna swallow our hotel and everyone alive - pretty scary. My friend and I decided to cancel our scheduled itinerary that day in Bentota/Beruwala and go straight to Colombo after breakfast. 
Lotus Tower - the tallest building in South Asia


Since we cannot stop the rain from falling, we drove around Colombo and snapped few photos of the city. Enjoyed our yummy lunch in Seafish Resto and had Tiger beer (Lion is not available) then to airport afterwards and waited for our flight back to Dubai. I think the rain didn't stop till we leave Colombo.
when the Lion becomes Tiger

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What have you done in 2017 to make you feel proud?

So here's what I've done last year, which pretty sums up my 2017. Not that much, but still MADE me feel SO proud 💁🏻‍♀️

    • Gave something back to community 
      • helped assembling school kits  🎒✏️📒🖍️
        • 1st time, in support of children affected by the Syrian crisis
        • 2nd time, for children from low-income families in Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah
        • 3rd time, for children in the charity schools in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

    This year, I aim to do MORE! 🤸🏻‍♀️

    Sunday, January 14, 2018

    Sri Lanka Day 4: Ramboda Falls and Sri Lanka's Little England

    Woke up to this view


    The hotel in Ramboda (hello, Teabush hotel!) looked nice but the leak in the hallway ceiling and water pouring onto the floor has already sent me a red flag. Had impressive looking room but kinda dirty even the dim lighting couldn't hide it. I was excited to have my tea the night we arrived but instinct told me to inspect the electric kettle and found 4-5 round white-God-knows-what-thing forming in the filter. I immediately dialed the Reception but the phone has no dial tone, had to check and connect the phone cables to make it work. I requested a new kettle but half an hour had past, no one has come to give me a new ketttle... so I had to call them again… poor customer service!

    The next morning the room has given us a spectacular view of the mountains and Ramboda Falls - it has very little water flowing over it though.

    Nuwara Eliya

    The next day, still raining, after breakfast we left to Nuwara Eliya. We visited a tea factory and drove around "Little England", we were still having the "devil is beating his wife" weather.. We stopped by to change currency in a bank and saw the landslide news on TV due to the bad weather. I pointed the TV to our guide/chauffeur and asked him in which part of LK it is, he said it's far, down south. Had lunch at Pizza Hut where we enjoyed the yummiest pizza in the universe that time - the double chicken & cheese fiesta. Then we left to Beruwala which is 5-6 hours away from Nuwara Eliya.

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