Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Importance of Reading Instruction Manual

I have done stupid things today. Bought a nano phone and here's what happened:

  • Kept shoving the SIM popper in the slot — when no SIM tray popped out, I checked the instruction manual (!). The slot I thought was for the eject SIM is the phone's built-in mic. Phone has really no SIM tray.
  • Pushed my nano SIM horizontally all the way in the SIM slot till it can't be moved... then I started checking the instruction manual (!!) again and found out that phone requires a micro SIM. 
  • Despite what's written in the Safety Notes: "Disassembling, Repair & Maintenance should be carried out by qualified personnel...", still I disassembled (!!!) the phone thinking I can get my SIM out... but can not. Phone switched on itself and couldn't switch off. 
  • To make things worse, I used the popper to get the SIM out of the phone till it is broken. Then used another popper and had it broken too while the SIM got buried way too deep in the slot. And my sanity has officially flown out of the window...
  • I finally managed to switch the phone off, put it back in the box. And there it goes my new nano phone with my SIM still stuck inside... RIP'ing in the box.
Reported to my mobile provider that I lost my SIM and requested a replacement.