Tuesday, June 21, 2016

For the First Time

Flatmate (FM) invited me to join her and Roomie to try the steam & sauna, pool & jacuzzi facilities of the hotel next door last week. 

FM said she really needs steam & sauna time because she is too stressed at work and she wants to, as she would put it, "redeem her freshness". LOL. That's how she sold me on it. 😂😂😂

Well, the truth is, I needed some me-time also besides I've never been to steam & sauna room nor in a jacuzzi. So off we go...

Someone told me before, there's a first time for everything.. 

So here's my 'first time list' that night:
1. Wearing 2 piece bikini sans coverI confidently put it on without shirt, shorts or anything on top of it for the first time. No curves, don't care! 
2. Sauna Room - after showering and drinking cold water, I went straight inside the sauna room. Roomie took the lower bench so I had no choice but to take the upper bench which was blazing hot.  Had to go out to bring towel to have something to sit on and lie down. FM joined us but me sitting in the sauna for 5 minutes felt like a lifetime, couldn't stand the heat. I started feeling weak so I exited the sauna immediately. I think my blood pressure dropped lol. 
3. Steam Bath - after drinking more water and regaining consciousness, LOL, I joined the girls (who run the world?!) inside the steam room. When the moisture of the air became thick, I started to feel uncomfortable. It was giving me the suffocating feeling, I had to go out to breathe. Again, I didn't last that long. I left the room and waited for them outside. 
4. Jacuzzi - I did swim a little in the pool before sitting in the Jacuzzi. The hot water and bubbling of it relaxed me. Placing my back directly in front of the water jets was very soothing, it was like a massage. Was in the middle of enjoying me-time in the Jacuzzi when I got interrupted by the hotel staff... our time was up. Oh well, at least FM, I assumed, has redeemed her freshness. 😁😁😁