Saturday, February 20, 2016

At Home With The Georgians..

Or not.

This post has been delayed for almost 2 months. I don't have the appetite to blab. Anyway, just like my prev post, I'll talk about my experience being at home with the Georgians... Or not.

It was at the wee hours of 26th December when we arrived in Tbilisi
  • We were given a bottle of dry red wine at the Immigration. I can say after being in Dubai for a decade, getting a wine from the Immigration officer right after stamping the entry stamp on your passport is a culture shock. So yeah that was cool. 
  • We were picked up by Envoy Tbilisi driver at the airport, that's when I started doing a charade or informal system of sign language.
We had to stay for few hours at Envoy Hostel Tbilisi while waiting for our driver to take us to Yerevan.
  • The Envoy staff at the reception that time was very accommodating and helpful so we were happy. 
  • We had our first meal and tasted authentic Georgian cuisine at Machakhela-Samikitno, a 24-hour resto in the old town of Tbilisi. You know where the "I❤️TBILISI" is located. Since then we kept coming back to the same resto even if asking the waitresses about the food was a struggle.  
    Machakhela-Samikitno resto and yummy Georgian cuisine
On the night of 30th December, we returned to Tbilisi from Armenia. We stayed in a different hotel as there is no available room at Envoy Tbilisi.

  • Talking to the hotel receptionist at that time was a struggle, we need to do the whole informal sign language again (Ahhh, I miss Armenia). 
The same night, we went to a small grocery store nearby to buy water, instant noodles and bread because it was a bit late and we still dunno the area/place yet. 
  • While we were checking what to buy, one guy who appeared to be drunk made a comment on us "Are you even Christians?" I just ignored what I've heard because for me arguing with a drunk man makes you drunker. LOL
Fast forward to the new year's eve. I have noticed the following:
Fireworks Display at Freedom Square
  • It seems okay to drink alcohol in the street when it's new year or maybe only because there's a program for NY countdown at the Freedom Square or because alcoholic beverages are available everywhere. Whatever is the reason, it is obviously okay to get drunk (Of course, what do I expect it's a land of wine, aight?!)
  • Most Georgians are very naughty, throwing fire crackers at people regardless of age for fun. I was a victim of it, I still have the bruises behind my leg until now and was painful for a week because someone threw one at me. I'm okay, though.
  • Right after the new year's eve program and fireworks, street cleaners are already there at the Freedom Square sweeping the street of  Rustaveli, cleaning everyone's mess. That was really a big WOW.  
After the countdown, we went to the 24-hour resto mentioned above. Then at the bar areas, it started  snow. Which was a plus point for experiencing real snow falling on my head.

first snow of 2016 at the capital
  • We entered one bar, we were turned away because we're three (a guest in the same hotel who's also from Dubai joined us). We were just told that they only allowed either 2 persons or 4 persons.  It's hard to ask further explanation of there's a communication barrier.
  • Despite the rejection, we still found a bar with friendly staff and customers.
  • For a taxi, they don't use meter. We always had to bargain and argue a little with taxi drivers because of communication barrier.
Nevertheless, we still had fun ending 2015 and starting 2016 with a bang and snow..
And the snow becomes thicker

To be continued...