Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bidding adieu to 2016

2016 has been an interesting year — good and sad. Yin and Yang or in my case it's Yang and Yin. 

Highlights of my year: leaving the yin, keeping the yang.

👉 Welcomed 2016 in great style – outside my comfort zone in Eastern European country Georgia. 
Thank you self! 

👉 Received my first-ever and probably last-ever Pandora rings which  according to a friend, are more expensive than her wedding ring. 
So thanks to the most generous moNsieur* I've ever met.

👉 Graced, LOL, the spectacular world's richest horse race Dubai World Cup show and sang & danced in the crowd during Janet Jackson's Unbreakable  Concert. 
Thank you company!

👉 Tried Jacuzzi and Steam/Sauna for the first time in my life. 
Thank you self!

👉 Went for a little healing retreat in Bangkok
Thank you self  and thanks moNsieur* for the motivation. LOL

👉 Company sent me to Super Secretaries Training Workshop for skills upgradation. 
Thank you boss for the endorsement!

👉 Experienced an Emirati wedding with a weekend getaway in Abu Dhabi. 
Thank you boss for the invitation!

👉 Had walked to "Beat Diabetes" for first time. 
Thank you Landmark Group for this initiative!

👉 Marveled the water cascading from the bridge over Dubai Canal – one of Dubai's newest attractions in 2016.
Thank you Dubai for your never ending attractions!

Hello 2017 💃