Friday, August 5, 2016

Bangkok After Sunset - 2nd Night

On our 2nd night, I had my first ever (!) body massage session, authentic Thai massage at that (no, it's not the one with happy ending, LOL). So soooo relaxing.. I want more.

Tea and mango were served after the massage.

Evening - it was raining but that didn't stop us from walking to Khao San Road, known as the centre of backpackers, dancing, partying, barbecued insects/exotic snacks, market stalls, restaurants, bars, tattoo salons, massage parlours, budget hotels/guest houses and anything goes. It was 5-minute walk away from the hotel.
Khao San Road

We walked, bargained, stared and listened to every different band playing almost right next to each other (it's chaos!) before we decided to eat dinner. We chose the resto across the live music bar to enjoy free music. When we were about to pay, I checked our bill which I normally just pay whatever the total, I noticed that the total has a 100 baht excess. We called the attention of the waitress and the bill was corrected immediately.
At the resto where you should check your bill before paying!

Then we spent the whole night hanging out by the same bar across as they started playing reggae music. Most of the people passing by stopped to dance/listen and some stayed and drink beers. While TR had 3 bottles of beer, I only had a glass of mojito, LOL. We went back to hotel past 1am.
The bar at Khao San Road where we spent the rest of our final night

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