Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bangkok After Sunset - 1st Night

Had dinner at some noodle house, 2-minute walk away from the hotel, at about 6pm. I dunno the name as it was written in Thai script but it was located opposite the Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations along Phra Athit Road. Bus stop in front of the resto. Anyway the food is inexpensive and tasty spicy and served in a large portion. Wasn't able to finish it.

After noodle-ing, we checked nearby money changers (first one has same rate with the bank = 8.04 and the other one has slight difference = 8.03) and tour packages offered by two different travel agencies before going back to hotel. We rested for a while in the room, planned what to do next day. 

Our original itineraries (Day 1 - Old Bangkok, Day 2 - Pattaya, Day 3- Modern Bangkok) have been changed to Days 1 & 2 finish the whole damn old & modern bangkok and/or decide later. Still upset about being scammed and lost my excitement to explore. I was feeling so down... If I was doing the whole finding-myself-again thing, it was not helping. LOL

We decided to check the rooftop pool. Swam and did a lot of floating on my back, made me relax. Jacuzzi isn't feeling like one. Anyway, TR wanted to go out after swimming for body massage and some nightouts, and I was like okay, whatever. We went back to our room past 8pm. Had shower and started feeling dizzy right after it. Guess it was fatigue and lack of sleep. Was really feeling a bit under the weather like I was going to collapse, so I stayed in the room to rest and recharge for the next day of scam exploration. 
Overlooking the Rama VIII Bridge (a cable-stayed bridge) crossing the Chao Phraya River
Overlooking the Chao Phraya River (the river of kings) - the lifeblood of Bangkok

TR went down and had night out alone. I was still awake when she returned with beer, mojito, instant cup noodles and few stories to tell me. She was already asleep when I started dozing off.

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