Friday, July 22, 2016

A Little Time in Bangkok - Day 2: Old and Modern

After breakfast, booked the next day tour then took a tuk-tuk to Grand Palace (believe me, tuk-tuk is not advisable in a sweaty weather).

Another note to readers: Once you are a step away from Grand Palace, just go with the flow till you reach the ticket booth. Don't listen to what the street vendors and people around Grand Palace say, they are nothing but TOUTS who will scare and convince you to buy that expensive piece of cloth to cover your legs and/or shoulders. Ignore them. Trousers/jeans and clothes below the knees are allowed inside.
Let this be a lesson to you guys: Dress properly and appropriately upon entering the Grand Palace premises.
TR was approached by security (or police?) because, every time I click her photos, she kept removing her jacket in spite of knowing the rules that forbade it (Never ever do this inside the Grand Palace or any temple in Bangkok as dress code is strictly enforced). She was wearing a tight/revealing sleeveless above-the-knee clothes. She was given a warning, was asked to show her phone and delete the photo.
Once you reach the ticket booth, pay an admission fee of THB 500 per head. You'll find a FREE map guide of the Palace, in different language, inside. There are 3 ways to move around the Palace, slow, normal, and fast (just follow the arrows, it is color coded). The slow tour/way is probably the stop-and-smell-the-roses-type, a thorough tour of the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha temple which will take at least 3 hours or more. The fast way is probably the whirlwind-romance-type, you'll move around the complex in a great speed without going into too much details.

Because of the scorching heat (I was melting) and large crowds, we went from normal to fast way. . 
The day I visited the Grand Palace was the same day the Chinese decided to invade it. 
After 2 hours or less, we took a taxi to go to "modern" part and went to Platinum mall, as suggested by the tour agent. Spent another two hours staring at clothes, that everyone can probably afford, then bought a few. I can say Bangkok is the place to be when it comes to clothes-shopping. Clothes are really extremely inexpensive and trendy! My kind of retail therapy! Was too overwhelmed and I later realized that I forgot to take pictures while we were there..

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