Sunday, May 1, 2016

Some Snippets from Letters Written While in Georgia

I am writing this while in the car traveling from Tbilisi to Kaheti region. It's negative four degree Celsius (-4°C) here, it snowed yesterday so everything is covered with snow...

It's snowing again, negative nine degree Celsius (-9°C). 
Would you believe I climbed a solid rock mountain for an hour despite the weather - snowing and windy? Because the medieval cave monastery in Vardzia was dug out of that rock mountain. Crazy and dangerous, I know. 
I came from down there.. I'm the Queen of the World!
Thank you for choosing good boots for me. Aside from having a good grip, they're made for walking and climbing. I told roomie that in our second life, if there really is, we should do it in our 20s. LOL.
We've been climbing Monasteries on Armenian and Georgian mountains for the last 10 days. I wonder why all Monasteries were built  on the top of the mountain... maybe because it made them feel closer to heaven / God. 
We  headed to some castle in Akhaltsikhe and the snow got thicker. So when car is covered with snow....