Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rendezvous with Señorito Awesome

The other day we dined in this particular seafood resto in Dubai Mall where it became a tradition for us to eat there whenever Señorito Awesome is in town. I can say, we are regulars.

He liked this resto bcp - we had lobster bisque soup - his fave, sweet chilli shrimp, wood-fire grilled lobster, shrimp and salmon. We finished our food with mojito and colada something (mixed of pineapple and strawberry). While waiting for our bill, I made SA to take a sip and taste my colada or whatever that sea-food-differently-resto calls it. When I had finished half-glass of it, I removed the spoiled looking pineapple wedge rimmed in my glass to eat but didn't for the obvs reason . Then a shocking thing happened, I noticed a fly floating in my drink - OMG! I showed it to SA so he immediately called our server. She asked me if it's only now or it was there from the beginning - OMG, how would I know?! Would I finish half of it if I had  seen the fly in there? I mean seriously!! Anyway she left and returned offering us a new glass of that drink. So we just said NO, THANKS. We still paid our full bill, including the fly colada. SA wrote in the bill - THANKS FOR THE FLY JUICE. 

They should have written SEE BEVERAGES DIFFERENTLY instead of Sea Food Differently. Anyway, we are NOT going to eat there anymore. End of story.


The next day, we had our food at The Cheesecake Factory, Mall of the Emirates (worth mentioning). As first timers, we ordered buffalo wings, classic burger, fresh grilled salmon, lemonade and passion fruit mojito. We were offered cheesecake on the house because according to them we waited too long for our main order which we honestly didn't notice. We refused as we were already full and told them it was okay, not complainining or anything. We didn't even notice we waited because we were chitchatting and too distracted having our appetizers - the buffalo wings.. But still they insisted, according to them, in their standard, we waited too long. They took SA's name and number and told us to have our cheesecake on our next visit. WINNER!

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