Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Problem With Waxing in Dubai

When it comes to spa and beauty salon in Dubai, there are loads of them. They grow like a mushroom, you can literally find one in in every street corner of Dubai. There's always a new one with attractive beauty packages, you just have to be "vigilant". LOL

A month ago I had to attend some company event and wanted to bare some skin (read: half legs and full arms skin). I went to the salon nearby my flat and had my full legs and full arms (including underarm) waxed. This salon has been there since I moved in that area and it's not quite cheap, it was my second time. I had learned that it is Spanish-owned salon when I went there for first time.

Anyway, you see I am an Asian so I don't have much body hair, I seldom go for waxing except if necessary - I only go once a year to quarterly the most. But still I went and had waxed because I wanted to feel confident when I "bare my skin" (meh). The night after I had gone my few body hair waxed, I felt a burning sensation every time my cloth rubs my skin, I thought it was normal so I just ignored it. After few days, I noticed BIG dark patches opposite the elbow joint and on my underarms (the part where the waxer had made the waxing strip stuck for too long). It is horrible for me as it made my armpit dark. 

It's been 2 months since my waxing nightmare and these dark patches are still a bit visible. I hope that it will return to its previous color soon.

Lessons learned
  1. The problem with waxing is not the waxing itself, it is the waxer.
  2. If you do not have much body hair, don't go for waxing. 
  3. If you gonna go, make sure the waxer is professional and knows what she is doing. 
  4. Just because they charges more doesn't mean you are safe. It's the waxer that counts.
  5. Go to salon recommended by friends or trusted by many. 
  6. Just because the waxer is a compatriot doesn't mean you are in good hands. Chances are you are not.
  7. Trust your instinct.