Saturday, October 10, 2015

Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT Study the Emirati Arabic... have to SPEAK IT! 

When it comes to acquiring a new language, you have to USE it on a regular basis otherwise you will forget it. 

I am trying to relearn spoken Emirati dialect and re-familiarize with its culture (after three years) because I know that I am losing it. Yes, I am bringing my Emirati dialect back to life, I still have my old notes and keep on revisiting them. 

Recently I got a copy of this "Teach Yourself Gulf Arabic" book which I will tell you more later because I haven't gone through yet... though I aready have this feeling that my old notes are more helpful than this book. So judgmental, LOL. Worry not, I am still going to read and use/make it as a supplementary/resource book. 

And as I was browsing about learning Emirati language online, I have come across Emirati Arabic project (SERENDIPITY!), with a tag line of 'Making the Emirati culture and dialect of the Arabic language more accessible, fun and easy to learn." This project is really a great help for people like me who wants to speak the dialect and understand its culture and its people better. The best thing about this project is you'll be able to learn how you actually say the words and phrases because they have a YouTube channel where they just recently started their animated series. You can find them on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Google+ too. 

So happy learning speaking Emirati/Gulf Arabic everyone!