Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy BAE-Day: A Taste of My Tradition

It's BAE's day today, so pancit bihon is in order. Pancit bihon is actually the thin rice noodles and popularly known as Chinese rice vermicelli. In my yearly post (every 31st January), I have mentioned that I am celebrating this day -his day- with pancit (noodles), a very Filipino tradition particularly for birthday celebrations. These noodles should be kept for long and not be cut up because it symbolizes life and health. My mom always cooks pancit for our birthday regardless whether we are home or away or on vacation. So I am doing the same for ma puce...  
his birthday noodles this year!
my handwritten birthday note for him

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jo Malone, j'adore your cologne!

People may not remember your outfit or how you look but they'll always remember how you smell. 

Fragrance is a signature of your personality. It tells a lot about you. It makes people associate the scent with you.

I've started to have a thing for Jo Malone because of its Lime Basil & Mandarin cologne. I've heard my look alike Kate Beckinsale (LOL) wears Jo Malone too. 

Jo Malone fragrances match my tastes and haven been wearing it for almost 2 years now.. You will instantly love its fragrances combining. For starters, try spritzing English Pear & Freesia and Nectarine Blossom & Honey on top of it or vice versa.  The result is very satisfying and refreshing. As what the sales attendant told me when I was leaving Jo Malone's shop in Dubai Mall, "Don't forget to mix!"

One more thing I love about Jo Malone, aside from its unconventional sense of sophistication, it always wrapped with elegance.

Cheers to my newest scent, Peony &  Blush Suede! For me, from him. Oh I'm so in love. 😍

Saturday, January 17, 2015

page 16 of 365: Emirates Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi

My 2nd time in Abu Dhabi, we went to Emirates Park Zoo to visit the relatives and go wild with them, LOL. 
The Relatives
Meet The Other Relatives
You can interact with most of them, they are all very charming. No need to do anything to get their attention as they, themselves, will stick their head out as soon as they see you coming.

Other photos in my phone:

I almost dance when this group started singing Waka Waka at the entrance of the resort

Some of the covered walkways between the resort and the zoo

Outside the zoo, you'll find Al Dar resto which serves Arabic dishes

And finally, the most dangerous in the kingdom... who let her out?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

page 2 of 365: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

The day after new year, my sister told me to get ready as we are going to have some tastes of Sweden in Dubai aka super-late brunch at IKEA... which is approx an hour drive from my sis' place. So I just put a simple skater dress, slipped in a pair of flip flops and brought my corduroy jacket, just in case it's gonna get cold.

Don't worry this blog is not about the famous Swedish meat balls nor the grilled salmon we ate but after eating like a Swedish, they (sister and bil) decided to go to Atlantis,The Palm.. which was more than half an hour drive from IKEA. 

This trip, was unplanned and I wasn't dressed up for the "occasion". So imagine my shock, LOL. 
Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
So anyway, Atlantis that day was so jam-packed with holiday-makers so we opted for The Lost Chambers' Ambassador Lagoon experience for my nephew to enjoy...

originally posted on my Instagram: desireest

One of the ceiling murals / fantastic roof designs in Atlantis hotel
The Ambassador Lagoon, a remarkable exhibit contains ruins and artifacts from ancient Atlantis along with hundreds of species of marine life indigenous to the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Imagine, 65 thousand aquatic animals glide together providing a glimpse of life beneath the waves.
You'll have fun watching graceful rays, reef sharks and schools of fish gliding between the mystical relics.

the most endangered specie, Ariel, the little mermaid under the sea no more. LOL.