Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rendezvous with Señorito Awesome

The other day we dined in this particular seafood resto in Dubai Mall where it became a tradition for us to eat there whenever Señorito Awesome is in town. I can say, we are regulars.

He liked this resto bcp - we had lobster bisque soup - his fave, sweet chilli shrimp, wood-fire grilled lobster, shrimp and salmon. We finished our food with mojito and colada something (mixed of pineapple and strawberry). While waiting for our bill, I made SA to take a sip and taste my colada or whatever that sea-food-differently-resto calls it. When I had finished half-glass of it, I removed the spoiled looking pineapple wedge rimmed in my glass to eat but didn't for the obvs reason . Then a shocking thing happened, I noticed a fly floating in my drink - OMG! I showed it to SA so he immediately called our server. She asked me if it's only now or it was there from the beginning - OMG, how would I know?! Would I finish half of it if I had  seen the fly in there? I mean seriously!! Anyway she left and returned offering us a new glass of that drink. So we just said NO, THANKS. We still paid our full bill, including the fly colada. SA wrote in the bill - THANKS FOR THE FLY JUICE. 

They should have written SEE BEVERAGES DIFFERENTLY instead of Sea Food Differently. Anyway, we are NOT going to eat there anymore. End of story.


The next day, we had our food at The Cheesecake Factory, Mall of the Emirates (worth mentioning). As first timers, we ordered buffalo wings, classic burger, fresh grilled salmon, lemonade and passion fruit mojito. We were offered cheesecake on the house because according to them we waited too long for our main order which we honestly didn't notice. We refused as we were already full and told them it was okay, not complainining or anything. We didn't even notice we waited because we were chitchatting and too distracted having our appetizers - the buffalo wings.. But still they insisted, according to them, in their standard, we waited too long. They took SA's name and number and told us to have our cheesecake on our next visit. WINNER!

Check my IG for photos.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT Study the Emirati Arabic...

...you have to SPEAK IT! 

When it comes to acquiring a new language, you have to USE it on a regular basis otherwise you will forget it. 

I am trying to relearn spoken Emirati dialect and re-familiarize with its culture (after three years) because I know that I am losing it. Yes, I am bringing my Emirati dialect back to life, I still have my old notes and keep on revisiting them. 

Recently I got a copy of this "Teach Yourself Gulf Arabic" book which I will tell you more later because I haven't gone through yet... though I aready have this feeling that my old notes are more helpful than this book. So judgmental, LOL. Worry not, I am still going to read and use/make it as a supplementary/resource book. 

And as I was browsing about learning Emirati language online, I have come across Emirati Arabic project (SERENDIPITY!), with a tag line of 'Making the Emirati culture and dialect of the Arabic language more accessible, fun and easy to learn." This project is really a great help for people like me who wants to speak the dialect and understand its culture and its people better. The best thing about this project is you'll be able to learn how you actually say the words and phrases because they have a YouTube channel where they just recently started their animated series. You can find them on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Google+ too. 

So happy learning speaking Emirati/Gulf Arabic everyone! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Passport Renewal - Challenge Accepted!

Renewing a Philippine passport on Thursday afternoon is almost next to mission impossible. Mind you, there is a system now in The Consulate. Kudos to them, they are more efficient and reliable and completely different compared from what I experienced 4-and-a-half years ago...

If you are a Filipino and wanting to renew a passport in the Consulate in Dubai: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT book an appointment on Thursday afternoon.

As you know, pregnant women, senior citizens, infants, and toddlers (5 years old below) as well as those with lost passports, do not require appointments and Thursday afternoon seems to be "their" chosen day/time. 

Normally - according to those I know who recently renewed their passport, it takes an hour or two for renewing a passport but last Thursday I spent 4 hours in the Consulate. I was there at the Processing Area too early (1:20 pm), my fault. Though my appointment was 2:30, my name was called at 2:50 pm. No queue at the Cashier but it took ages in the Encoding Section for both Absentee Voting and Biometric Enrollment. I finished the whole thing at 5:20 pm. In all fairness, it's not The Consulate's fault. They work fast, it's just that too many passport applicants that time.

There are only 5 steps to renew a passport: 

Step 1:  Book an appointment on the Passport Appointment Portal. If you are yet to book an appointment, schedule it in the morning and avoid Thursday or afternoon. Confirmation of the appointment will be emailed to you.
Step 2:  On the date of appointment, go to The Consulate at least 15 minutes early with the following along with your Appointment copy:
  1. Original Passport 
  2. Filled out E-passport application form. This form is also available/can be filled in at the Passport Processing Area.
  3. Filled out Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) form. This form is only available at the Passport Procesing Area. It is important to know the birthplace of your mother - the city/town and municipality, as it is required in the form.
  4. Photocopy of Data Page (the front page of your passport with your photo on it) - 2 copies.
  5. Photocopy of Visa Page  - 1 copy.
Step 3:  At the Passport Processing Area, place your original passport in a tray indicating your appointment time. There are 2 trays labeled with appointment timings so ensure you placed it in the right tray. Take a seat and wait for your name to be called. 
While waiting, get E-passport form (if you don't have it yet) and OAV form in the designated boxes next to the "tray" and fill them out. Make sure you have completed and signed both forms, have 2 photocopies of your data page and 1 photocopy of your visa page. Photocopier/xerox machine is also available at the back of the Processing area/portacabin. Read instructions/signages posted all over there, they are all written in Tagalog. Wear your eyeglasses or contact lenses to see them clearly. Believe me, these simple things will ease up the process for everyone.
Once your name has been called and your requirements are checked, the guys in the Passport Processing Area will issue you a receipt (1 original in white plus 2 copies - pink & yellow) and direct you to Cashier. They will tell you where to go exactly.
Step 4:  At the Cashier, ready your 240 dirhams. Be sure to bring exact change as this, again, will speed the process along. Note that they closed at 4 pm. Cashier will return the original receipt and the yellow copy to you. 
Step 5:  After paying, go to the Encoding Section, get inside the room even if there are people outside. Submit your completed OAV form inside, there is someone at the door who will accept it and instruct you where to wait/sit. Again wait for your name to be called at the designated waiting area.
Then you will be called at the Encoding Section to have your photo/finger prints/signature taken for OAV ID. They will give you a piece of paper as an acknowledgement receipt of your Absentee Voting Registration.
Then another queue at the same room for Biometric Enrollment- the final step. Submit your E-passport form, passport and the receipt (original-white & copy-yellow). Then they will take your digital photo, finger prints and signature. The original receipt (white color) will be given to you when you are done with everything. Keep the original receipt as it is required along with your old passport when claiming your new passport at the Releasing Section.
As per the receipt, the date of release is in 8 weeks. But it is advised to start tracking your passport 2-3 weeks from the date of application here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

pp. 253-255 of 365: With My Mystery Date

After some long 59 days (yeah, I counted it - HAHA!), finally, we got to spend some quality time days.   Another great weekend. 
My extremely awesome mystery date 

I have missed him for weeks and I miss him again.

So grateful for everything.. so in love. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Problem With Waxing in Dubai

When it comes to spa and beauty salon in Dubai, there are loads of them. They grow like a mushroom, you can literally find one in in every street corner of Dubai. There's always a new one with attractive beauty packages, you just have to be "vigilant". LOL

A month ago I had to attend some company event and wanted to bare some skin (read: half legs and full arms skin). I went to the salon nearby my flat and had my full legs and full arms (including underarm) waxed. This salon has been there since I moved in that area and it's not quite cheap, it was my second time. I had learned that it is Spanish-owned salon when I went there for first time.

Anyway, you see I am an Asian so I don't have much body hair, I seldom go for waxing except if necessary - I only go once a year to quarterly the most. But still I went and had waxed because I wanted to feel confident when I "bare my skin" (meh). The night after I had gone my few body hair waxed, I felt a burning sensation every time my cloth rubs my skin, I thought it was normal so I just ignored it. After few days, I noticed BIG dark patches opposite the elbow joint and on my underarms (the part where the waxer had made the waxing strip stuck for too long). It is horrible for me as it made my armpit dark. 

It's been 2 months since my waxing nightmare and these dark patches are still a bit visible. I hope that it will return to its previous color soon.

Lessons learned
  1. The problem with waxing is not the waxing itself, it is the waxer.
  2. If you do not have much body hair, don't go for waxing. 
  3. If you gonna go, make sure the waxer is professional and knows what she is doing. 
  4. Just because they charges more doesn't mean you are safe. It's the waxer that counts.
  5. Go to salon recommended by friends or trusted by many. 
  6. Just because the waxer is a compatriot doesn't mean you are in good hands. Chances are you are not.
  7. Trust your instinct.

Friday, July 17, 2015

pp. 190-194 of 365: Retrouvailles

We met again for the first time in months... Indescribable retrouvailles.

page 190 of 365: Iftar Party

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

My 2nd time back in this nice and cozy place for our company's Iftar party. I'm so glad it's free. I love dressing up, meeting most of my colleagues and eating good food though last year's food was waaay better and greater. Check my IG for more photos.

-the end-

Friday, April 24, 2015

Dubai Summer Solstice

Summer in Dubai:
Feel its warm like oven fire,
See the sun sets as late as 8 at night.

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BerkeleyX: ColWri2.3x Academic and Business Writin

Saturday, April 11, 2015

page 97 of 365: Dirty Eight

It's the time of the year where I celebrate my denials. LOL. Eight years had been passed my dirty years. OMG... 2 more years and I'm dreading 4D. 

I'm still living, working and having a relationship like I have just gone out of college. I still don't have a place of my own, I'm still sharing a bedroom with 2 other girls.

Oh don't get me wrong nor feel sorry for me, I'm not complaining.. In fact, I'm at the decade of my life where I just feel and look absolutely fabulous.

Shout out to the man behind this random surprise! Was expecting something in the morning and got sad because I thought it was forgotten. Then came afternoon **boom*clap** can't believe didn't see this coming.

Later that night, to begin another timeline of my life, I rock hard at Hard Rock Cafe with few friends.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

page 84 of 365: Don't talk to me, I'm famous

The latest issue, 36th at that,  of our group/company's newsletter is out now.

And the winner for the 35th Newsletter Quiz goes to... *drum.rolls.please* .... ME!!!

Woohoo!! Thank you for the prize (I secretly hoped someone pulls a Kanye, LOL)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

page 71 of 365: Annual Party

And we danced all night to the best party ever.. I think it went oh, oh, oh... 

My first time to attend a colorful and lively staff party. I was so excited to dress up and all. The event was really huge and it was held on a football pitch with massive crowds of more than 2,500. I believe everyone had fun watching the band / dancers / entertainers that night and enjoyed the grand buffet and unlimited beverages. 

Here's how it did look that night (photos taken from company website and colleagues):

And me when I was prepping up for that night, then at the party with the colleagues..

Monday, February 16, 2015

page 47 of 365: Two Days After Valentine's

On the morning of Valentine's day, ma puce surprised me with a «Happy valentine :***» text, instead of his usual morning text. 

HAH! I KNEW IT! Behind this stoic man is a hopelessly romantic sap trying to get out. LOL. 

Well, that being said, I took advantage and told him that I am waiting for the flowers and chocolates, mwahahaha. He said it will come "day after tomorrow" because they don't deliver on weekend....

And today, exactly 2 days after the V-day, I received roses with a card and a cute huggin' bear... I effing love them!!

A milestone for us as this is the first time ever in the history of man. Ahhh.. The power of nagging always works, LOL!

Thanks love, you made my day! :*

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Culture Blunder: Meeting Gone Wrong

Three years ago, a friend and I had a chance to meet up with a young Emirati lady for a certain project along with her friend (also an Emirati ). They were very nice and accommodating. And tried they very best to speak in English for our sake.

During the meeting, another young Arabic lady joined us and later two more elderly (an Arabic man and woman) from a local TV station. They started discussing in Arabic, they excused themselves though. The young Emirati lady was kind enough to explain what was going on and being discussed. 

Then the TV peeps said their byes to all of us. When they stood up from the table [non-Arabs, please take note!], everybody else rose for them, well, except me and my friend. See what we did there?

I only realized it later, when my friend mentioned it. When I asked her why she didn't rise for them she said she looked at me but I remain seated so she didn't bother, LOL. But seriously I cringed when I realized what we've done there. It was a total embarrassment. Felt guilty for being ignorante and insensitive. We weren't aware of this gesture. 

In the Philippines or at least from what I know, only the gents get up whenever a lady leaves the table. In which they seldom do it nowadays. LOL.

And that, my friends, was our first and sadly the last meeting.

Lesson learned1 of Emirati etiquettes or prolly in the Arab world — At a meeting or social gathering, everyone stands when an elderly or high-ranking person arrives or leaves the room / table.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy BAE-Day: A Taste of My Tradition

It's BAE's day today, so pancit bihon is in order. Pancit bihon is actually the thin rice noodles and popularly known as Chinese rice vermicelli. In my yearly post (every 31st January), I have mentioned that I am celebrating this day -his day- with pancit (noodles), a very Filipino tradition particularly for birthday celebrations. These noodles should be kept for long and not be cut up because it symbolizes life and health. My mom always cooks pancit for our birthday regardless whether we are home or away or on vacation. So I am doing the same for ma puce...  
his birthday noodles this year!
my handwritten birthday note for him

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jo Malone, j'adore your cologne!

People may not remember your outfit or how you look but they'll always remember how you smell. 

Fragrance is a signature of your personality. It tells a lot about you. It makes people associate the scent with you.

I've started to have a thing for Jo Malone because of its Lime Basil & Mandarin cologne. I've heard my look alike Kate Beckinsale (LOL) wears Jo Malone too. 

Jo Malone fragrances match my tastes and haven been wearing it for almost 2 years now.. You will instantly love its fragrances combining. For starters, try spritzing English Pear & Freesia and Nectarine Blossom & Honey on top of it or vice versa.  The result is very satisfying and refreshing. As what the sales attendant told me when I was leaving Jo Malone's shop in Dubai Mall, "Don't forget to mix!"

One more thing I love about Jo Malone, aside from its unconventional sense of sophistication, it always wrapped with elegance.

Cheers to my newest scent, Peony &  Blush Suede! For me, from him. Oh I'm so in love. 😍

Saturday, January 17, 2015

page 16 of 365: Emirates Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi

My 2nd time in Abu Dhabi, we went to Emirates Park Zoo to visit the relatives and go wild with them, LOL. 
The Relatives
Meet The Other Relatives
You can interact with most of them, they are all very charming. No need to do anything to get their attention as they, themselves, will stick their head out as soon as they see you coming.

Other photos in my phone:

I almost dance when this group started singing Waka Waka at the entrance of the resort

Some of the covered walkways between the resort and the zoo

Outside the zoo, you'll find Al Dar resto which serves Arabic dishes

And finally, the most dangerous in the kingdom... who let her out?