Friday, July 18, 2014

A Tourist in my Own Country - Last Stop

This is part deux of a 2-part blog entry about being a tourist in my own country - the Philippines. If you haven't read the previous post, please click here.

Second stop: Enchanted Kingdom (EK). The Philippines' first and only world-class theme park located in Laguna which is beyond Manila. They say, EK is our version of Disneyland-Universal Studios combined. What can I say, I've never been to any Disneyland or Universal Studios so *shrugs*

Victoria Park
We arrived late afternoon/almost sunset and were greeted by Eldar the wizard (EK's mascot) and few entertainers dressed in Victorian-era costumes in front of the magically looking Grand Carousel, a pretty attraction on this zone. Charming!

Midway Boardwalk
We walked around and stopped at this Coney Island inspired (1930s America's Playground) zone. My brothers played some skilled games - basketball and pool & billiards, and since they're good - actually best and great at it, they won various giant stuffed animals. Proud!

Brooklyn Place
We proceeded to the 1940's Brooklyn, New York theater and shopping zone inspired where we got inside the the Rialto (simulator ride) for the 3D ride of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I said ride because our seats moved in 8 directions around 4 different axes to feel that we are part of the action that is happening on the screen. In which my nephew got scared and almost fall from his seat. Fun! 

The sci-fi/NASA-ish zone. My brothers, sister-in-law and I got in a long queue for the Space Shuttle ride - a unique roller coaster ride that function like a boomerang. We chose the front seats and our train was pulled backwards up to the highest point and was released to dive down, revolving around, inverting included, the loops like a bullet. It was one hell of a ride as we turned upside-down 6 times, 3x forward and 3x backwards in 2 minutes. I couldn't even scream! We were also shot through the rails backwards so after the ride I walked like a f--cking hammered Charlie Sheen. LOL. Super intense!

My brother-in-law was excited to join the fun by karting but we were shooed away from the Kart Track (kart racing) because we weren't (though he was) wearing casual and comfortable shoes for our own safety [Noted]. Somehow disappointing, our mistake, we didn't do our research.

We had to split up to make the most out of our trip there. They have tried the Dodgem (bumper cars) located at Midway Boardwalk, Stone Egg (egg-shaped kiddie Ferris wheel) and Boulderville Express (mini-train ride) both part of the dinosaur-themed Boulderville zone and I think also they tried the calm Swan Lake water ride at the Amazon jungle inspired Jungle Outpost Zone.
We headed back to the Midway Boardwalk zone and tried the mini roller coaster ride called Roller Skater. It is actually a Spaceshuttle aftershock because it gave us another 10-second heart racing experience. 

We also rode the EKstreme Tower (a drop tower) in Midway Boardwalk. While seating comfortably, we were lifted slowly to the top (about 12 floors/storeys) and suspsended there for a minute or so to enjoy the overlooking view of the town and Laguna de Bay at night. Then we were released free-fall down the tower, like a hot potato. We were screaming our lungs out. My heart stopped for a bit and when we reached the ground, I felt like my butt was left up there somewhere. LOL. What a scream machine!

Our final ride was the Grand Carousel and we headed back home. The fireworks display was very timely, it made our exit spectacular, dramatic and enchanting. Haha!
My bros, sister-in-law and I