Friday, July 18, 2014

A Tourist in my Own Country - First Stop

Stunning sunset on Manila Bay
Last April, I had a chance to go "home" again for 2 weeks, the last time I've been there was 3 years and 4 months ago. I have been living abroad for 8 years now and still think of the Philippines as my own  country. Simply because 16 of my formative to adolescense years were spent living in one of Manila suburbs. But being in Dubai for long, sometimes, I feel like I don't know my country - the Philippines, anymore.

Anyway. while still in Dubai, my sister and I asked our 6-year old nephew, who lives in the Philippines, about the place(s) there that he has never been to but would like to go. His answer: Manila Ocean Park and Enchanted Kingdom. Good choice as I've never been to both places either.

So off we go!

First Stop: Manila Ocean Park, the Philippine's first world-class marine theme park. Just to give you an idea, it is similar to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo just less grandiose. We've seen 5 different attractions/shows that include:

Oceanarium. It has long acrylic walkway tunnel wherein you can have a close-encounter experience with a wide varieties of fascinating sea creatures.  They seem like flying around and over you while you are under this big aquarium.

Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter. I got a chance to touch big sting rays and dared not touch the sharks.

Jellies Exhibit. The exhibit gave me a surreal experience by being surrounded by hundreds or thousands dancing sea fairies generating neon lights in all possible colors. 

Sea Lion Show. It features 2 adorable South American sea lions (an adult and a baby). My siblings, siblings-in-law and I enjoyed the show as much as my nephews. LOL.

Musical Fountain Show. The Philippines' first, largest, tallest and longest-running musical fountain show, at par, with the world's best Dubai Fountain. It is backed by live performance with the magnificent Manila Bay as backdrop.

The Nephew and I

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