Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dubai: Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Job

1. Salary.
It's either delayed or not enough. And employees have to beg or remind the company (or whoever the concerned person) for their salary.

2. Long Working Hours.
Working nine to twelve (9-12) hours or more a day (lunch break is not included) with two to four (2-4) days off per month. No overtime pay even during holidays. No Ramadan timings.
As per UAE Labour Law, the maximum working hours for an adult employee is eight hours a day (48 hours a week).

3. Taking the Passports.
The company is taking the employees' passport and giving the employees a hard time if they need it.

4. Company does not shoulder the Emirates ID card expenses.
Employees are responsible for the fees and the company is taking them in exchange of passports.

5. Company does not provide Health Card.
No medical insurance. Some companies do not even give sick leave, if they do, it will be considered as his day off. 

6. No Yearly Ticket.
Company do not give employees an annual plane ticket to home country. Some employees are already considered lucky if they get airfare every two years.

7. No Bonus. No Salary Increase.

8. Mistreatment. Too much assholes at work. Sexual Harrassment.

Enough said.

P.S. Exparts who are working in a western companies or manage by Westerners are lucky in terms of everything.

9 Signs That You Are Not the Only One

1. When you text him "I miss you" and some random woman with unknown number called you up asking why did you send her I miss you blahblah. And then you call him up regarding that and it takes time for him to answer your call or call you back.

2. When he tells you he's going out of town with a friend and when he is back and uploaded photos on Facebook, no photos of him or the friend.

3. When he chats a lot on IRC, always online on Whatsapp, updating status on Facebook but takes a long time to reply or doesn't bother to talk to you at all. Ever heard of "once a chatter always a cheater"? Yeah, I just made that up. LOL

4. When he's gone MIA for a day(s) and phone is off. Most probably he's busy sleeping with another woman. LOL

5.  When he forgot that he watched a certain movie/TV show with you and that he already sent you those songs/mp3s. More or less he is watching those movies/TV shows with other women and sending those mp3s to them too.

6. When some random woman sent you a message(s) falsely accused you of something, telling you about their relationship and what he said about you e.g. you're just his friend, his ex, etc. And it happened not only once but many times you've lost count already.

7. When you found out that he sent flowers to someone and his reason for that is "it was free or on sale" LOL. Or when he sends flowers to every girl he just met online but not to you. For the reason that there's no florist in your place that accept credit card or something, LMAO.

8. He always M I S S E N D, whether it's an email, a chat or text messages and when he suddenly calls you babe or hun and other terms of endearment or all of a sudden talk about random stuff (like a reply to something you didn't ask? LOL), he sure IS talking to someone else.

9. When he cannot tell if it's morning or afternoon or evening in your place because he is talking to random girls online all over the world. Time zone love! LOL

I could go on and on but seriously, girl, you're SO stupid!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Etisalat vs Du: No One is Better Than Another

Du and Etisalat networks both disappointed me greatly.

Du experience

I WAS happy with Du unlimited national Blackberry service for a while.. Imagine AED 130dhs and max of 10GB monthly plus the fact that you can use the BB services on other smart phones (Android/iPhone) except the BBM of course. It was really a WOW!!!

But then the worst thing happened after returning to Istanbul and my failure to renew it on time, they stopped the service telling me I have to subscribe again. So I reloaded a 140 dhs balance and resubscribed feeling confident that Du will automatically renewed my unlimited national BB service till I received SMS asking me to choose from the following packages: 100MB (50 dhs) or 1GB (100 dhs) or 4GB (200 dhs) or 25GB (500 dhs) per month. I got confused and Googled what was that all about and I read this from their site
"Unlimited National BlackBerry® service will cease to exist. If you’d like to continue with Unlimited National BlackBerry® service, you can do so, but once you’ve migrated to a new BlackBerry bundle, you’ll be unable to return to your original package."
Not wanting to migrate I didn't do anything because doing so I'll be ineligible to return to unlimited national BB service but then after few minutes I noticed my 140dhs balance went down to 70+ dhs, Du was charging me per use!!! Feeling robbed in broad daylight by Du and all, I reloaded another 30dhs. Du left me no option but to avail the 1GB, better than them emptying my credit balance within a matter of minutes. From 10GB for 130dhs to 1GB for 100 dhs monthly. Hah! Du managed to OUTWIT me. Well done Du, well done!

According to their site the Unlimited National Blackberry service has been terminated because...

The standard internet usage on BlackBerry® is very low. This means that usually, you use less data on a BlackBerry device, than with other Smartphones. We advise our customers to subscribe to a 1 GB BlackBerry Bundle, as this bundle provides enough data for browsing.
Yeah right! How dare you say "1 GB blackberry bundle provides enough data for browsing"? Apparently, after 15 days of 1 GB bundle subscription, Du started deducting from my credits because I have reached the 1 GB limit. Way to go Du, way to go!

Etisalat experience

After the aggravating experience with Du, I gave Etisalat a shot. Bought Sim card for 40 dhs and loaded it with 200dhs to subscribe to their Blackberry Unlimited package that costs me 185 dhs which I believe there's no maximum GB. So what's the catch? Well, you simply CANNOT use it on other smart phones. (Another failure on my part though, I didn't research it first.) Blackberry service is applicable for use only in the Blackberry device. Sigh...

So again, I have no choice but to use my blackberry that I'm not very fond of! I have to use it for a month so the 185dhs won't totally go to waste. Then give the 4GB from Du a shot. Long sigh...


Leaving you this post/comment of some random customer on Du official Facebook page...