Thursday, November 7, 2013

The UAE Roads Less Traveled

My sister and her family (her in laws and their friends) decided to have a road trip last Eid holidays (16th of October). We headed to the eastern part of the UAE where the roads (less travelled) and stone mountains never end. So I was just sitting my flat butt for almost ten hours, probably the longest road trip of my life, while our vehicle following the other vehicle driving aimlessly. The only time I got out of it was when we need to go inside a resto and eat lunch. Oh and the one I had my picture taken at god-knows-where.

Well, I had a chance at the “Friday market” but I was completely stuck assisting my sister changing the diaper his infant son (oh yea he was with us), that’s the downside of having an infant/baby/toddler/kid when you are travelling, you don’t get to enjoy on your own and no one wants or is available to take your photo, LOL, because they are too busy with the baby!

Besides, I didn’t know that we were heading nowhere, really. I was like waiting for them to stop at a certain spot and had some photos taken. Until I realized we weren’t going to that certain spot whatever. Was too late. I regret that I didn’t take photo of that awesome tunnel that we went through in Fujairah(?), it was built there under those endless stone mountains. It’s narrow (2 lanes) and kinda long. I was really amazed, I wasn’t expecting that tunnel there. We took the other roads going back home, so I just took pictures as much as I could..