Monday, November 4, 2013

Around the Globe in ONE night

How is that possible?

Remember, Dubai is known for making impossible things possible... so, voilà !

Since I didn’t get to travel on Eid holidays (wasted 5 days, I know..), I revisited the Global Village after 7 years. Went there at night of October 15. Changes are not so much but I got to experience riding an Indian rickshaw. I know my rickshaw driver was happy having me us his passenger, he didn’t need to put so much effort pedaling as my weight won’t add much to whatever he was “carrying”. I feel sorry for those with 4 or more heavy passengers... *sighs* C’est la vie.

Anyway, China and India pavilions still look fab and grand as they were before.. 

Le Me in rickshaw. Then the India and China pavilions.

And Egypt pavilion? The pyramids are stunning. While Afghanistan pavilion is beyond expectation (sorry no "decent" photo of it). Turkey pavilion made me miss Istanbul. I ended up buying and eating grilled kestane (chestnut) and süt mısır (milk corn)... it was actually the food stand outside the pavilion that made me miss Istanbul, LOL.
The façade of the Global Village. Then the Turkey & Egypt pavilions.

I got to see the display of fireworks at the Global Village. Oh and Italy, France, etc pavilions are nice too but I didn’t get to take photos that much. My phone wasn’t working that time and the one I was using for taking photos wasn't reliable at all plus the fact that I was with my sister fambam and her in-laws, in short, I was with an infant and some oldies so you know it was really quick visit..  

That's all for now... Later ;)