Monday, September 23, 2013

Onsite Anecdotes

While I was visiting one of my company's project sites, a guest/guy just came out of the manager's portacabin/office went to reception cabin to ask for the restroom.
Guest: Where is the restroom?
Document controller guy: "No problem, you can sit here." (showing his way back to the project manager's cabin) 
Guest: Restroom as in wash room!!! *facepalm*

I couldn't control myself laughing. I literally LOL-ed.

Apparently, the document controller assumed that rest room means resting/waiting room. According to him, he had never heard of anyone calling toilet a "rest room". 

Well, I don't know with you guys, but in the Philippines we call our WC, restroom or comfort room or CR or wash room or toilet

I still remember the horror/shock in the guest's face when the document controller guy shown him the manager's cabin, LOL. It was like he was told that it's okay to pee or shit in the manager's cabin. LOL.