Thursday, May 16, 2013

UAE Grand Mosque

Finally after being in Dubai for a total of 7 years (and counting), I got a chance to visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque,UAE's largest mosque, and some parts of Abu Dhabi. So YAY me!

Here's a short tour for y'all..
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
water pool in front of the mosque
One of the entrance to the inner courtyard
a glimpse of the inner courtyard
floral design on inner courtyard 

ladies' ablution room, this is where they wash their hands, arms, feet & face before prayers
the design outside the ladies' room
drinking water outside the ladies' room
columns, my fave part of the mosque
entrance to the main prayer room
another fave part of mine, the super soft carpet which happens to be the largest carpet in the world
the main prayer hall
another fave, 1 of the gorgeous 7 crystal chandeliers, those are Swarovski
the prayer times in Arabic & English 

End of tour.
Hope you enjoyed the ride ;)