Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rabu Loves Her

The Camouflaging Rabu (Chapter Deux)

In Ripin's eyes, Zenchin is Rabu's one great true love, or at least that's what she had observed...

The Long Walk
Rab went out for a long walk the night he found out Zen's new bf and reading her professed love of everything about the new guy. From that time onwards, Rip has the feeling that Rab really loves Zen and he is hurting.

Zen's Belongings
Rab was still keeping in touch with Zen. He had kept her personal stuff and tokens of love at his home. He even took all her belongings with him when he moved to his new place. He also took the trouble to send it all back to Zen's place and paid for everything. It's amazing what Rab will put up with for Zen.

The Picking On
Rab's attempts to make fun of Zen's hippotamus-like-physique in front of Rip only validates that action speaks louder than words.

The Revelations
For some reasons, Rip received some shocking revelations from Zen. Rip chose to talk to Rab about it instead of exchanging messages with Zen. Rab confessed that Zen was telling him all about her relationship woes. That while Zen is still cohabitating with her bf, she was planning her future with Rab. Zen wanted to go back to her place, will wait for Rab there and start their family. But Zen felt devastated when she discovered about Rip. She sent her emails and messages relentlessly. And that's how things went ugly between Rab and Zen.

The Sadness
Another year or so had passed, for some reason, Rab found out that Zen's bf (now her ex) whom she was cohabitating before is now married to someone else. Zen has another bf now, which believed to be a married man and/or has another gf. And Rab? He feels "sad".

What we don't know in this story is the reason for Rab's sadness.. Is it..

[a] is he sad for the family of the "married" guy because he is cheating them for Zen? Or

[b] is he sad for Zen because the guy whom she replaced him (Rab) is now married to someone else? Or

[c] is he sad for himself (Rab) because Zen didn't run back to his arms?

What do you think?

Disclaimer:All characters and incidents appearing in this work of fiction are products of my boredom. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. This is unedited so please bear with me for the grammatical errors and also this does not encourage any publisher. LOL