Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Omar Borkan Al Gala Hullabaloo

My previous post was about the man of the hour, the "too handsome" guy "deported" from Saudi Arabia, Omar Borkan Al Gala. It seems that there's no truth to it. He's NOT(?) the guy! Here's the latest story...

A UAE female singer created chaos in the UAE stand during an annual cultural festival in Saudi. A religious police was forced out by the Saudi National guards at the UAE pavillion because of the said incident.

Meanwhile, on being "too handsome"...

Mystery surrounds the identity of three UAE men who were allegedly deported from Saudi Arabia for being too good looking.

Websites around the world have identified Dubai-based Iraqi-Emirati model, Omar Burkan Al Gala, pictured, as being one of the three. 

However, his friends say that he has been living in Vancouver, Canada, and was nowhere near Saudi at that time.
Websites around the world have identified Dubai-based Iraqi-Emirati model, Omar Burkan Al Gala, pictured, as being one of the three.
The Saudi press reported that three UAE members of a cultural delegation were removed from a cultural festival in the country on Friday, April 12, and deported, because Saudi police feared their good looks might corrupt Saudi women.
The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority confirmed to 7DAYS that it sent a delegation to the festival to promote tourism, but said it could not comment further.
The mystery deepened when a US blogger posted sultry photos of Omar Burkan Al Gala online, claiming that he was one of the three men deported.
That sparked an online frenzy, with hundreds of thousands of people logging on to Al Gala’s facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to check out his photos and send him messages. His facebook page now has 400,000 ‘likes’.
Al Gala did not reply to several requests from 7DAYS for comment. Messages posted on his facebook wall, in which we asked about the reports of his alleged deportation, appear to have been removed.
However, one of his Emirati friends said that he was not in Saudi at the time and accused international media of “using him” to advance their story. “The guy lives in Canada,” she wrote in an online message to 7DAYS. “There is no reason for him to be in Saudi Arabia, plus take into consideration that there isn’t a picture or video at showing him being arrested. The media basically used him because he’s good looking.”
She also pointed out a YouTube video of his from Canada, in which he said he missed family in the UAE. She said: “Why would he say that if he’s in the UAE? LOL. That’s because he’s in Vancouver.”
Source: 7DaysUAE

It's not about the truthfulness of the incident or if he was really the guy or not, but...
is he really too handsome, or what: that is the question! 


Latest interview (... and just as I thought this Emirati guy is shockingly handsome... NOT!