Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Camouflaging Rabu

All characters and incidents appearing in this work of fiction are products of my boredom. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Also, this is unedited so please bear with me for the grammatical errors and this does not encourage any publisher. LOL

This is all about Rabu and his identity crisis. Actually, I don't know what to say about this character except that he is a man.

Rabu met Risshu while she is travelling. She interests him. She likes to read. She carries and accumulates luggage of books wherever she travels. Rabu starts to like everything she likes and her roots, read politics and slavery books, he becomes addicted to her and her adventures.  Rabu is all eyes to Risshu only. They go to clubs every night then walk around till morning. They travel and hike together. When Risshu is leaving, he helps her to pack her stuff all night long and accommodates all of her books and unnecessary stuff to his place thinking she will be back to visit him. But Risshu leaves for good. She never return. She marries her guy back home.

Life goes on for Rabu, she met Koku online. He literally flirted with her day and night because of her hot profile photo on Facebook. He impresses her of his knowledge about stuff she likes and invites her to come to his place and promises her all the fun and adventures she wants. But after a couple of months he finds out that she is almost as old as his mom. That the hot profile photo was the younger Koku. Rabu went lie low on flirting with her. She disgusts him and he calls her cougar without her knowledge.

Then Rabu met Zenchin online, he instantly diverted his attention to her because of her looks but still flirting with Koku on the side. Rabu starts to behave just the same way when he was with Risshu. He again starts to like whatever Zenchin likes. He learns her native language, read literary books, watch documentary and classic movies, and studies all the authors, writers, novelist, musicians, physicists and everything she adores. He even goes to gym and on a crash diet for her. He seriously prepares himself for her. He feels lucky and very proud for having her, the woman of his dreams. He is so into her that he almost promises heaven and earth. Then they met, the woman he fantasized doesn't look the same as her photos, she isn't as sexy as he thought she would be. But he didn't tell her that he is very disappointed and again he is disgusted big time. They still carry on to whatever they plan, they travel and spend two weeks together. When she leaves, she carries the promises and the plans they made together. She leaves most of her things to his place as she is planning to come back. She never thought it was the end for them.  When she is about to come back, he stops answering her calls. Things go slowly with them. She decided to move on with another man she used to flirt with long before she met Rabu. When he finds it out, he couldn't accept that this "fat" woman, as he calls her behind her back, dumped him first. It hurts his ego but continues communicating with her and flirting. His plan is to flirt with her and steals from her guy she is with then dump her. But later she finds it out and things go ugly between him and her.

Rabu acts as if nothing really matters to him. He hooks up with more and more women online. Nia  is one of them. She's big like Zenchin but he likes her face. He chats and exchanges flirtatious words a lot with her day and night, same way he did with Koku. He sends her stuff and tries to meet up with her. He always flatters her. He did everything to persuade her but she just enjoys flirting with guys online to feel good about herself because later she reveals she has someone in her life. She only made a fool out of him and that ends there.

While still flirting with Nia, Rabu met Shia. He knows she is as big as Nia and Zenchin but hooking up with her makes him feel good because she is way way younger than him. As usual, he starts to camouflage again, liking whatever she likes to please her, watches all the shows and listens to all the music she likes. She calls him the most awesome guy online because he makes her feel hyper. In fact, he almost made her come to meet him but she found out about Rabu's other women and got very disappointed. Everything between them is ruined. They started to spit venom at one another. Her for spreading lies about Rabu's reputation and him for admitting to everyone that Shia is a crazy obese.

She is Rabu's female version, she likes everything he likes. Rabu used to like and call her every single day long before he met Risshu, Koku, Zenchin, Nia and Shia. He finds her cute. But that's all, he's not really into her. He never liked what she likes. She is not that smart, interesting nor challenging to him but he keeps her because she is his rebound woman. He chats with her religiously but denies her existence in his life to other women. In short, he never takes her seriously. She is the silliest of them all.

Eh, time's up for me and I don't know how to end this, LOL. I don't even know if you can call this a story. Haha. Need to get off Blogspot and have my lunch. Ja mata!