Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Taste of Sonamu, A Bit of Korea in Dubai

Last Sunday, I had experienced Sonamu, a Korean resto inside Asiana Hotel, Dubai.

I booked a reservation 3 days in advance for 5 people in a private dining room and was actually expecting they will put us in a Korean room/table inspired like in the 2 images below (images grabbed online) since I requested a private room .

So when the resto staff sent us to the private room, I was really very disappointed. It was nothing like the above photos. A very ordinary, a very plain room with a table with a divider/partition. Nothing special at all. I didn't even feel that we were inside a Korean resto. Partly my fault, didn't tell them it was a birthday celebration, sort of and that we wanted it in Korean style.

So anyway, we ordered Jeongol (a noodle dish), seafood Japchae (hotpot) and one "whole" cow set and a bottle of soju. We liked the Korean pickled dishes (kimchi, etc) and the Jeongol. The Japchae is fine though. I enjoyed grilling our own slabs of beef and eating it. We didn't finish the soju, it tasted like gin (or gin-tonic according to my friend.) The food and the complimentaries we had is more than enough for 5 persons, I think I should have had brought 2 or more friends.


Soju and the pickled dishes

I think this is a beef soup or the vinegar, I forgot. LOL

gyeran jjim (Korean steamed egg)

seafood jeongol (hotpo)

jeon (Korean pancake)

raw beef

grilling the beef
I'm happy with the bill/price because it is affordable. I was actually expecting it was a tad pricey. :)