Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dubai: Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Job

1. Salary.
It's either delayed or not enough. And employees have to beg or remind the company (or whoever the concerned person) for their salary.

2. Long Working Hours.
Working nine to twelve (9-12) hours or more a day (lunch break is not included) with two to four (2-4) days off per month. No overtime pay even during holidays. No Ramadan timings.
As per UAE Labour Law, the maximum working hours for an adult employee is eight hours a day (48 hours a week).

3. Taking the Passports.
The company is taking the employees' passport and giving the employees a hard time if they need it.

4. Company does not shoulder the Emirates ID card expenses.
Employees are responsible for the fees and the company is taking them in exchange of passports.

5. Company does not provide Health Card.
No medical insurance. Some companies do not even give sick leave, if they do, it will be considered as his day off. 

6. No Yearly Ticket.
Company do not give employees an annual plane ticket to home country. Some employees are already considered lucky if they get airfare every two years.

7. No Bonus. No Salary Increase.

8. Mistreatment. Too much assholes at work. Sexual Harrassment.

Enough said.

P.S. Exparts who are working in a western companies or manage by Westerners are lucky in terms of everything.