Saturday, February 16, 2013

9 Signs That You Are Not the Only One

1. When you text him "I miss you" and some random woman with unknown number called you up asking why did you send her I miss you blahblah. And then you call him up regarding that and it takes time for him to answer your call or call you back.

2. When he tells you he's going out of town with a friend and when he is back and uploaded photos on Facebook, no photos of him or the friend.

3. When he chats a lot on IRC, always online on Whatsapp, updating status on Facebook but takes a long time to reply or doesn't bother to talk to you at all. Ever heard of "once a chatter always a cheater"? Yeah, I just made that up. LOL

4. When he's gone MIA for a day(s) and phone is off. Most probably he's busy sleeping with another woman. LOL

5.  When he forgot that he watched a certain movie/TV show with you and that he already sent you those songs/mp3s. More or less he is watching those movies/TV shows with other women and sending those mp3s to them too.

6. When some random woman sent you a message(s) falsely accused you of something, telling you about their relationship and what he said about you e.g. you're just his friend, his ex, etc. And it happened not only once but many times you've lost count already.

7. When you found out that he sent flowers to someone and his reason for that is "it was free or on sale" LOL. Or when he sends flowers to every girl he just met online but not to you. For the reason that there's no florist in your place that accept credit card or something, LMAO.

8. He always M I S S E N D, whether it's an email, a chat or text messages and when he suddenly calls you babe or hun and other terms of endearment or all of a sudden talk about random stuff (like a reply to something you didn't ask? LOL), he sure IS talking to someone else.

9. When he cannot tell if it's morning or afternoon or evening in your place because he is talking to random girls online all over the world. Time zone love! LOL

I could go on and on but seriously, girl, you're SO stupid!