Tuesday, January 8, 2013

That Office # 307 in Ajman Bank Bldg

Just another scam!

It's so hard to find a job in the UAE right now, there are like thousands of people coming to UAE on visit visa every single day (this is just my own calculation, I've no basis) trying their luck to get a job here.

Same reason why some people (including myself) cannot get a decent salary because the applicants are more than the jobs available. Oh, the law of supply and demand..... paging Ghadeer/Spill Beans!

Some are lucky though. Well, I am not.

What upsets me more is there are people who take advantage of the situation.

Here's one example...

Position posted on Gulf News site

This is their actual reply if you e-mail your CV to richard.thomas@artlover.com

If you google their physical location, there's an invisible result of "You just got PUNK'D!"

For more info, check out these links:




P.S. These "recruitment" people are using different
1. email addresses: richard.thomas@artlover.com; jeselyn.michael@cash4u.com
2. names of HR Coordinator: Sana Mirza; Miss Mona Al Zarouni
3. mobile numbers: 055-1723391; 055-2681757
4. advertising different position: Company Secretary; General Clerk