Monday, November 19, 2012

Qatar Anecdotes

So here's some real funny stories I've got from Qatar..

Story 1 - A friend received a wrong number call. After hearing my friend's voice...
Caller: How is your name? (probably he was wondering and wanted to ask 'what is your name')
Friend: My name is fine. How IS your name?

Story 2 - Same friend had a minor accident.
Friend: talking to Qatar Police while sitting inside the car windows rolled down: Sir, I had a minor accident over there (pointing the scratch in front of the car)
Police: Shu hada! What is this, supermarket?*

*Just in case you don't know, normally, most locals here in the UAE and obviously in Qatar (I believe in other Gulf countries too :p), they go to supermarkets/grocery stores/restos, honk their cars, and give orders or point what they want to buy, just like a drive-thru. :D

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I said Aloha to Doha!

It was my first time to enjoy Eid holidays outside UAE. I had 3 days off and got a chance to visit Doha, the main capital of Qatar. Left Dubai Wed night (24th Oct) and came back early Sun morning (28th Oct).

Doha is not bad for a holiday or weekend getaway. I enjoyed it to the fullest till my foot sores and get blisters. A day or two is enough to get around Doha. 

Here are some photos stolen from my friend's camera :p

This is Al Fanar Islamic Cultural Centre, day and night.

This is the beach in Katara Cultural Village

Inside Katara Cultural Village, these cone-like structures are pigeons' crib :p

 At the Aspire Zone/Park

Sunset at the park and the "fountain" tunnel plus the "pregnant" tree :D

 The Torch, day and night

And this corn-on-the-cob-like structure is Qatar's Pride. The Burj Qatar, day and night. It's 2012 Best Tower in the World.

Fireworks for Eid at the Corniche (me in yellow)

At the famous Souq Waqif (me in pink striped)

At the Corniche (me in the middle)

On our first day, we jumped at the Museum Islamic of Art Park. (me on the right side)

On our 2nd day, we jumped at the Aspire Zone/Park. LOL. (me in the middle)

And that was Doha :)