Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Extraordinaire!

The best things in life aren't things, they are people, like Mr. Extraordinaire :)

It is his birthday today, I've got nothing to give but love (!), time and attention and of course the greeting card I've snailmailed 2 weeks back, I believe he hasn't received it yet.
The card that I've sent him :)

It is his birthday but I was the one who got a gift from him, a wonderful book - The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship of Sally Wade, with a gift note saying:
"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth beauty and wisdom will come to you that way."

This is how it looks when I claimed it from the post office

Trying to get a clearer capture of it with my scarf :D

 The book with the gift note ♥

I cut the note and taped it inside the book (unfortunately, the ink is slowly vanishing *sad*)

Last night, pre-dawn actually (or the witching hour?!), I've stayed till 3am, just to greet him. Our time zones are different, I'm 3hrs ahead. Tonight I'm going to eat long-noodles for his birthday, in our (PH) tradition, having noodles on birthdays means good luck, for the celebrant to have a long-life. Ouais, je l'adore tellement.

Happy birthday Mr. Extraordinaire! ♥


As my "pledge and devotion" (having his birthday noodles) since 2010, here's what I've eaten last night.. hope next year we gonna eat noodles together :)

Cheers to his long life and good health! ♥

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Thrilling Dubai Desert Safari

So I had another fun weekend yesterday, another experienced, another moment in Dubai to cherish :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year!

Since it's Chinese New Year, I decided to cook pancit (noodles) last night (CNY's eve) because noodles represent longevity and long life. It's my first time to cook a NON-instant noodles, so I'm so proud that I did justice to the noodles because it was really pleasing to the palate (yeah love your own, LOL) :p

The sautéed rice stick-Chinese noodles with mixed veggies.
And today, I'm having tikoy (nian gao) for breakfast here at work because it is considered as good luck to eat (yeah right I feel so Chinese now =D). It has symbolism of raising oneself higher in each coming year.

The Chinese New Year pudding

Ok guys, in case you donno, I am Oriental but not Chinese. So, that's all for my CNY celebration... I'm leaving you with this... 
Three Chinese went to states to migrate. They're Mr. Bu, Mr. Chu and Mr. Fu.

They were requested to change their Chinese names to American names so they could mingle with everyone as normal Americans.

Mr. Bu was changed to Buck,
Mr. Chu was changed to Chuck,
And Mr Fu...

Was sent back to China. LOL. :p

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Where is my hong-bao?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thinking of Marrying an Emirati guy?

Think again.

Are you one of those non-Emirati women thinking of marrying an Emirati guy? This might encourage you.
The UAE nationals have been advised NOT to marry foreign women due to social, legal and financial complications which arise following such marriages, said a renowned lawyer.

Speaking at the Noor Dubai Radio, Isa bin Haider, CEO of Bin Haider Advocates & Legal Consultants in the UAE, said a large number of cases are pending before the courts due to such marriages.

He pointed out that the young men marry foreign women not to make family but to get rich. But if the husband's income gets depleted, the foreign wives create problems which lead to court cases.

Bin Haider urged the UAE youths to marry the Emarati women who follow the same traditions and customs as men.

He also advised the young nationals not to make big commitments with regard to alimony at the time of marriage and follow the rules.

He said a decree by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, fixed it at  Dh50,000 which applies only in case of marriages with the Emirati women.

While the marriages of UAE nationals with foreign women will be subject to what was agreed upon in the marriage contract with regard to alimony.

Bin Haider also informed that the second marriages have additional financial burdens such as leading the young men to deeper debt.

He called for dialogues between couples and urged resorting to solving family problems through discussions and listening to other party’s concerns. He emphasised that if husband listens to wife’s grievances, it will help solve a number of family problems and will lead to a happy life.

According to the National Center for Statistics, most of the marriages by UAE nationals with foreign wives end in divorce. For instance, there were 1,798 marriages with foreigners in UAE last year, and 695, or 39 per cent, of these marriages had ended in divorce.

- Emirates 24/7

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What you don't know about Saudis...

Many people who have seen five-year-old Hidy of the Philippines speaking local Arabian accent have mistaken her for an Arab child with Asian features.

But Hidy is a full-fledged Filipina who masters the Saudi accent like the Saudis themselves. The reason is very simple - Hidy was born to a Filipina housemaid in a Saudi family and was treated as one of them.

The family of Fahd bin Jaleed, better known as Abu Ahmed, has become so attached to the girl that they considered her as one of their children and hated to even think that the day will come when Hidy will leave them.

But it seems that feared day has finally come and Abu Ahmed's wife is already speaking of how difficult it is for her not to see Hidy again."We have been attached to Hidy like our own child…her departure will be very difficult for me and for all of us because she was born her, lived her and brought up here,” the veiled Umm Ahmed said.

But Umm Ahmed appears determined not to accept the fact that she would never see Hidy again. “We will visit them in the Philippines,” she said.

Hidy’s mother Nawal came to Saudi Arabia nearly seven years ago to work as a housemaid at Abu Ahmed’s house. A few months later, she told them she was pregnant but apologized that she had not known this back at home.

"She told them the truth and said she could go back home if they want… Abu Ahmed gave her a choice-- either she goes back home or stays with them and delivers at his house… she took the second option,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Alsaudi said without mentioning where Abu Ahmed lives.

- Emirates 24/7

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Stolen Kiss in the Dark

Let me share you the story that Mr. Extraordinaire told me few minutes back - a joke he translated from Arabic to English...

There was a train passing in France with 4 passengers: a pretty young French girl, a flirty American guy, an old lady and a Saudi guy. When the train passed a tunnel with no lights; in the dark they heard a kiss and a slap.

Old lady was thinking.. "Lucky girl, got kissed by this guy why she had to slap him?"

American guy was thinking.. "Lucky Saudi, he got to kiss the girl and I got the slap!"

Young girl was thinking.. "Wow, I'm much younger than that old lady yet she get kissed! What a perv American, got what he deserved!"

Then the Saudi was saying to himself... "Hahaha. Got them fooled! I kissed my hand and slapped the American!"


Monday, January 16, 2012

This is how they serve ice cream in Dubai..

The best place to cool off.

Like it. Love it. Have it.

Indulgences - Berry Berry Berry Good (Signature Creations) and my own creation.

My favorite is Cinnamon with almonds, chocolate chips and caramel syrup. It's a "Create Your Own" ice cream.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Celeb for a Day

I have lived like a celebrity for a day.

Friday - I enjoyed a luxurious ride with friends. First our limo chauffeur picked us up and navigated through the streets of Dubai before taking us to our own private yacht cruise at Dubai Marina. It was a 2-hour cruise so a lot of photos were taken. Too bad, we didn't get to cruise near Burj Al Arab because there was a boat race or something going on. In fact, the sea patrol (dubai police on a yacht) even chased us coz I think our yacht captain crossed the border or something, LOL. But we got closed and stayed for few minutes near The Atlantis.

So anyway here are the 'party' photos, enjoy ;-)

The ride

inside the limo

At Dubai Marina

Inside the yacht

The captain

My turn... LOL

The Atlantis

 Time to go home, my car is waiting... hahaha

just a wish :p