Sunday, December 23, 2012

There's The Rub

A two-year relationshitship. Girl wants to get pregnant. Guy doesn't want to impregnate her. They're vicenarians.

End of the relationship story? 

Not yet. I wanna know if there's a solution to this.

Why do you think the girl wanna get pregnant? Is it weird?
Well, I can give reasons like:
(a) she just wanna have a baby of her own
(b) she loves him too much and wants a piece of him
(c) she thinks if she gets pregnant he will marry her
(d) all of the above
(e) none of the above

Why do you think the guy doesn't want her to get pregnant? And this... it isn't weird, I know. LOL.
For him, I'm gonna be biased..
(a) he's not ready
(b) he doesn't wanna have a baby ever in his life
(c) he's not serious about her (what else?)
(d) he's an ass (I told you so!)
(e) all of the above
(f) none of the above