Friday, December 28, 2012

Mr. Grinch was in the House

We had a ruined Christmas eve.

My roomie's hubby came to Dubai for the first time to celebrate Christmas with his friend her. 

Monday after work, I came to our flat with my uber-worried roomie. She told me that her husband is "missing" and both his phones are switched off. I've learned that that morning he has gone to his friend's workplace and the last talk he had with my roomie was an hour before noontime, telling her that he has to wait for his friend and that both his phones are dying. We had gone to the grocery store to buy stuff for dinner and for our medianoche, I told her to leave a note for him on the main door in case he comes and we are still out. We returned home with the note still on the main door so I joked that she should replace the note with something like "we don't live here anymore". LOL.

Ten hours had passed and we already had had our dinner. Still nothing from him. Roomie was soooo worried (yeah I can imagine what goes on her mind that time). I told her to stop worrying because who knows maybe her husband is having fun, drinking and stuff with his friend/s. Yeah, men are A-HOLES just like that. But then two and a half hours before Christmas eve, she decided to go to the so-called friend's workplace (Note: she hadn't been there neither met this friend not even once). From the "work place" roomie called me up and told me with a broken voice that he isn't there and no one "knows" the husband nor the friend and she doesn't know where else to find him and stuff (time to welcome my paranoia). I told her to better come back home. When she came home it's almost  midnight, she told me what they told her at the workplace. Then after 5 minutes or less, the husband came home too. And the fight started right after she opened the door. Please don't ask me what happened next... I was also too pissed off. LOL.

So yeah, Mr. Grinch was in the house (still is) and ruined our Christmas eve. Ugh, some men are born with too much assholeness. 

The end.