Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm officially a Visaphobic

Thanks to the Swiss Consulate.
Visaphobia: the fear of being denied/refused/rejected visa from any Embassy or Consulate. It's a psychological damage to someone who had a 'traumatic' experience on visa application.  A serious nightmare.
So my sister had planned an amazing Istanbul trip few months back. And I was kinda "uh-huh... okay.." She asked me if I wanna come and I was like NO. I don't wanna go because of the fact that I would need to apply a visa and my passport has this Swiss-consulate-rejection-stamp like I have a "record", a bad record, you know what I mean.

Anyway, last Thursday I found out she and her husband got visa to Turkey just like that and are travelling next month. And I was kinda I wanna try my luck because I wanna go too.

After being refused from Swiss consulate and some not-so-nice-experience at the airport when leaving from Dubai to Doha last Eid.. well, my desire to travel is equal to my paranoia of not getting a visa. For me, getting a visa is like a chance of a lifetime like winning a lottery and being lucky really plays a major role.

So here's the thing, my visa application papers are all ready now but I'm dreading to go to the Consulate tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

PS/First update: Monday. I didn't get to sleep, I've been waking every effing hour or minute IDK. When I was about to leave for Consulate, I started not to feel well. I took a taxi instead of Metro. It was foggy. I  came early, Consulate was still closed but Security "assessed" my documents then gave me Token for queueing.  I was the 2nd earliest bird. While waiting for the Consulate to open, I felt like I was gonna throw up, my stomach was turning upside down. I tried to read the humor book I was reading, "Let's Pretend This Never Happened", to distract myself. But didn't work.. it didn't help at all. I was freaking out. Then the security told me I can go in  but he needs to confiscate my mobile phones. Inside, it took another 5 minutes or less before my number was called, I was still uneasy. The Turkish lady asked my documents then asked for 225 dhs for visa processing fee and told me I can get my passport on Wed. When I was about to leave, while taking my mobile phones from the security. He said, "Very easy, right?". I think he sensed that I was nervous or I was that transparent or I was looking pale, LOL. I smiled and said, "yeah." He wished me goodluck, I thanked him.

PPS/Second Update: Wed afternoon, took a taxi to Consulate. I started to feel unwell. AGAIN. Seriously, I wanna throw up. AGAIN. I was thinking what will I tell if I didn't get the visa and why do I need to explain? I didn't get the visa. Period. World Trade Center, elevator opened at the 8th floor. Got off. Greeted the security, told him passport collection. He asked me the "token". Gave him. He gave me my passport with a white paper slip (my eyes were on that paper asking my brain if that was the explanation why they refused me a visa). Despite the fact that visa denied is already expected, still, in my mind I'm saying.. OH NO, NOT AGAIN! There's a little hope that I would get the visa, I know. I sat down calmly, opened my passport and this is what I saw...

Yaaayyyy!!!! ^_^