Monday, November 19, 2012

Qatar Anecdotes

So here's some real funny stories I've got from Qatar..

Story 1 - A friend received a wrong number call. After hearing my friend's voice...
Caller: How is your name? (probably he was wondering and wanted to ask 'what is your name')
Friend: My name is fine. How IS your name?

Story 2 - Same friend had a minor accident.
Friend: talking to Qatar Police while sitting inside the car windows rolled down: Sir, I had a minor accident over there (pointing the scratch in front of the car)
Police: Shu hada! What is this, supermarket?*

*Just in case you don't know, normally, most locals here in the UAE and obviously in Qatar (I believe in other Gulf countries too :p), they go to supermarkets/grocery stores/restos, honk their cars, and give orders or point what they want to buy, just like a drive-thru. :D