Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mom's Prescription

Yesterday, I texted my mom about the sudden pain at my left jaw, near my ear, for the last 2 consecutive mornings (Thu & Fri). I described to her the pain comes at the junction of jaw, ear, cheekbone, only the left side. It kinda hurts while opening my mouth a big wide and when chewing in the morning.

She replied: "Must be ear infection. Take amoxicillin 3x a day for 3 days"

Lol. Like a doctor. Told her it isn't ear infection, because it doesn't pain when I clean my ear. Either it's a wisdom tooth or "dislocated" jaw :-s

Her next reply: Take paracetamol.

Me: What? I already had amoxicilllin! LOL

Her: when you get better stop taking the amoxicillin.

Me: Ok. =))

So anyway, as I googled, it somehow matches with TMJ. So I diagnosed myself with TMJ disorder. Yep, like mother like daughter. We're a family of doctors. Hahahaha.

As I've said  I only feel it in the morning, yeah the pain was back when I woke up this morning. and it gets better during the day and night. I hope it will go away just like that.