Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's bad to be nice sometimes..

Yesterday, while I was going back to work after lunchbreak, I've noticed someone left her iPad in a leather case on the bench in Metro Station waiting area.

I looked around to see whether the owner is still there, I saw her when she left because she was sitting near me. I was actually having second thought whether to pick it up or just leave it there, let someone else find and take it but decided to pick it up. I again looked around trying to remember which direction the owner went to but can't recall if she headed out the station or down the subway. I walked slowly to the escalator, was going down to give it to Metro personnel.

When I was already on the escalator, I looked back and saw the owner going back to the bench. Then she looked at my way, saw me and waved to me. I waved back showing her her iPad and started climbing up then stopped when I realized I was on the down escalator LOL.

She followed me to the escalator and when she reached me I immeadiately handed her the iPad back, telling her I was actually going to give it to Metro personnel. She just said "thanks" and never smiled. She doesn't look too pleased. When we reached the floor, she took the up escalator without looking back.

Seriously, my jaw dropped. I felt bad. What was she thinking, I would keep it? Hadn't it occur to her that if I had the intention, I would have had put it inside my bag as fast as I can? But matter of fact, I didn't even bother to take it out from its case.

I am steadily losing my faith in humanity...