Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Was He Drunk Last Night?

They say the only people who tell the truth are drunkards and children.

Not true. Children, these days, have the greatest imagination and they are more INVENTIVE. They know how to create, add or deduct and end every stories. Drunkards, oh don't trust them, LOL. They have the same creativity level with children.

My point, if your husband/bf/partner/spouse/whatever-you-call-it is drunk and he starts blabbing stuff such as girls who like him blah blah blah.

The first thing you should do is NOT to get jealous. Never ever let those words/stories get into you no matter what.

Second, check the consistencies of the stories. Most of the time he switches names or forgets the names, and whenever he repeats his story, the name changes or it's a different version.

Third, make a mental note about everything he said. Because in the morning, he won't remember anything or at least pretend that he doesn't/can't remember. Don't be upset about it or fight with him if he said something like Pauline got naked in front of me, Jasmine got a crush on me, Elodie wants to have babies with me and follows me everywhere I go, etc.

Fourth, wait for the next day, he'll ask you or say something like "what happened last night, I was so drunk.."

Last, answer him with something like this, "Oh you just said that you got naked in front of Pauline, you got a crush on Jasmine and wants to have a baby with Elodie and follows her everywhere she goes, etc." LOL.

Always say the exact opposite. It would be fun, I promise. Because he won't object nor say "that's not what I've said!". In case he does, it will only prove that he remembers everything.

Subtle revenge :p