Saturday, July 14, 2012

There's Always a First Time for Everything

Fish Market

Last Fri (not yesterday), it was my first time to set my foot on Deira Fish Market and it was overwhelming to see fresh seafood beaucoup. My roomies and I went there past 8am and it was 42°C, we were there for about an hour and bought a lot - salmon, sherry, squid, lobster, prawns, crabs and other types of fish.

The fish market is, apparently, uncomfy. Aside from the noise (of course LOL), it's so hot there, although it wasn't a closed area but it's the tin roof that causing a lot of heat. Feels like oven there, I've no idea how people can stay there all day. And what I hate most is when we went home, I was smelling like a fish. My clothes and even my underwear were all stinky. I showered like I've never showered before, no exaggeration, I shampooed my hair twice but still it stunk. After showering I immediately washed my smelly clothes and poured downy on them and pondered I don't think I'll be going back there anymore. LOL

The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D

It's been 3.5 years since I've watched a movie in the cinema. Yep, that long.

Three hours ago I went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man, my first time to see a movie in 3D. Well, I was surprised that it has Arabic and French subtitles (my sister said I was obviously havent gone to cinema for so looong). If you are wondering how was the movie and my experience, well, movie was okay, not very good, not bad either. In short, I was not that amazed. I think it's not worth watching in 3D. The only scene that I felt like I was in there was when I dodged the falling debris. I was more entertained by the giggles of 2 little Arab boys sitting near me. Their reactions on some scenes like when Parker was starting/discovering his spidery-self were contagious, I couldn't help but giggle too. LOL.

This is all for now, It's almost 3am here, I need to get up in 3.5 hrs to get ready for work. Good night/morning everyone :)