Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quel horreur !

And then an embarrasing thing happened...

While walking to Metro station this morning, my right foot stepped on a thin wood or something and I slipped and fell. It happened so fast and on my mind I was saying this "Oh no! Is this really happening? Am I really falling? On the sidewalk?? During rush hour?!?" I was in denial. LOL.

Yes, the inevitable happened, I fell flat on my left knee and hands to the ground. I stood up scratching my left knee saying "shit! shit! shit!"

I thought no one witnessed my epic fail because I see nobody and there was a vehicle parked in front of me but when I looked behind me, I saw people from a distance rushing toward the station staring at me as if they were telling me "WE SAW YOU!"

Quel horreur !
Exhibit A. The scratch on my left shoe (I'm wearing flats.)

Exhibit B. The bruised left kneecap

Shitty things don't happen everyday but when it does, it does BIG TIME.