Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spot the Nationality/Race by Clothes

Can a zebra change its stripes or the leopard its spots?

In my previous entry, I wrote about figuring out where someone is from (particularly our own kind like they stick out like a sore thumb LOL) at a distance by their facial features, skin hues, accent and the way they behave. 

But sometimes it is none of the above but rather the way they dress and carry themselves. They have their own special fashion style. Generally, it is so easy to tell if you live in a melting pot and all that for years...

If you're a regular Dubai Metro commuter, you will notice that this image from RTA is 80-90% true. LOL.

And the last two images from Brownbook illustrate the difference between the Middle Eastern women's clothing, and also the difference between the Gulf men's clothing.

Obviously, we've got a heap load of every race/nationality here and still it is easier to spot anyone even if they dress like the locals or whoever.

I also do know that sometimes it's difficult to single someone out especially if they're of a blend of this and that race.

But do you think the above clothings are accurate? Like do Emiratis' khandoura looks like that, same goes with Saudis' thobe and Omanis' dishdasha? I mean I'm an Asian (more Oriental at that) but I don't think I wear something like the one in the above. Or well... Maybe.. Yeah I'm having second thought. LOL.