Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've Been Scammed - Almost!

{This post is about internet/email scam and has NOTHING to do with Arabs or anything of the sort!} 

Don't trust anyone online, suspect everyone. Be paranoid. Hahaha.

You see, I've been sending my CV here and there, signing up on every jobs site I know for the past few months because obviously I want to change job or at least get a high paying job so I can go to places.

So when I received an email from "Grove Technology Inc." last 27 of May, I immediately replied back because of the "attractive Euro salary" - blame it on my European dream, LOL.

Anyway, here's what the email says:
From: Grove Technology Inc
To: *******@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 9:57 AM
Subject: Submit application and Cv

Dear Applicant

regarding your CV, we are again opening the new Data Typing job for year 2012,
at Grove E-Books Conversion and Data Technology,
our post offer are open as "Customer Data Typing part time",

To know more about us visit: http://www.grovedata.com/

This offer will be Valid after review of your application form and CV,
(all package details included with application form)

Last date is 27 May 2012 to submit application form and CV,
If interested please submit application form with CV by Email,
(Click to download application form by visit our website and download
directly to Employment Page) All job details are included in Application form,

Or Click here to Download:

(Copy paste above link If click does not work)

Submit CV and Application only to Email: info@grovedata.com

(Note: To avoid Disappointments submit form and CV as soon as possible)

(Add info@grovedata.com in your Address book to get our email safely in your Inbox)

with best regards
Edsel G. Carl
HR Manager
Grove E-Books and Data Conversion Technology
Am Stadtrand 441G, 32417
Hamburg, Germany
Grove Technology Inc Am Stadtrand 441G Hamburg DE Germany 32417
This email was sent to ******@yahoo.com from info@grovedata.com. Read our Privacy Policy

Of course I DID reply with all the requirements, I know! Haha.

So here's the 2nd email...

From: Grove Data Tech Inc
To: ****** ****** <*******@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2012 3:31 PM
Subject: Re: Home based Data Entry job

Hello applicant,

your application with Grove Data Technology Inc was approved and
we are sending you Employment Contract of Online Part Time data entry work
ome Based with this email,

kindly read and fill up the "Employment Contract" (attached with this email on Word file)
and after signing this contract send us back by Scan email in maximum 2 working days,

After receiving this contract we will take start to send you the work on Weekly basis,

you will be Grove Inc's Part Time Permanent Employee for 6 months and after this period
you can extend agreement for more 6months,

all you have to type our data and Clients data on sheets,

(Note: complete work tutorial you will get with your first paid project after submission
of contract)

also you will get your salary every after 6days,

hope to hear from you soon,

Edsel G. Carl

Grove Data Conversion Inc
Am Stadtrand 441G, 32417,
Hamburg, Germany

Honestly I googled the company name (I think I was having a hunch that time but kept on ignoring it) but can't find it except for the url he povided but then again for the 3rd time, I replied with the duly filled in and signed "employment contract". Seriously!

So here's his 3rd mail.
From: Grove Data Tech Inc
To: ******* ****** 
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:52 PM
Subject: Re: Home based Data Entry job (Employment Contract)


we have received your contract, now you can start work with us,

we have send you One Day of work But its your first project so you can submit
in 3days and after that you have to submit in 24 hours,

attached are the image files of Data Sheets,

Guideline of work is attached with this Email on MS word format, kindly read carefully,
Also Guideline Tutorial is included as a Picture format

after entering the Data in Lisda Inventory Software Save the files and Saved
files you have to send us back by Email and we will immediately transfer you
your first week salary in advance, (get software to http://www.lisdasoft.com/)
with this email following files are attached in .ZIP folder,
1: Data Sheets to Complete (Project Pack)
2: Step by Step Guideline and Tutorial (Guideline)
3: Your Salary invoice (Salary)

kindly Click link below to Download Project zip folder and Extract after download:
(copy n paste link in your browser if click does not work)

Note: its One day of work but you can complete this project in 3 days
and contact us back,


Edsel Carl
Grove E-Books and Data Technology Inc
Because I have to buy the "lisdasoft" which costs 58 euros and there's no trial version whatsoever and need to pay through Western Union (what the!)... my brain started to function properly.. LOL. I was like.. hmmm so that's the catch, it's a scam. Although I got tempted to pay (glad I've no credit card or not a fan of purchasing stuff online), my fingers start typing "Edsel Carl" and there he is... his name with different different company name, he's nothing but a FRAUDSTER!

So anyway, I replied him with:

"That's actually very scheming.
Why not transfer my first week salary in advance first so I can buy that software :) "

I don't consider myself as a gullible person, I'm more a paranoid. I always doubt people. So what happened here because I want to earn big time (being greedy and stuff) because I'm not getting any younger and I have dreams to fulfill.. so I almost got scammed.

Lesson learnedGreediness is next to foolishness.

I'm still glad that though I'm not contented, apparently, with what I already have, I didn't lose anything in the process.