Monday, May 7, 2012

A Twinkle in the "Eye of the Emirates"

I've been to Al Qasba, a small tourist spot in Sharjah, last Saturday for a couple of hours. Travelled for an hour going there and another one hour going back to Dubai via the intercity bus. Reached my destination around 6pm and left around 10pm

It was my first time in that place so I took a LOT of photos.

I roam around the area and here's what I've seen ..

There's a kid zone where they can play and have some rides..

A canal and abra (wooden boat) ride..

A foot bridge to cross the canal and go to the other side..

Some nice restaurants and cafes are spread in the area.
Had my dinner at Sumo Sushi & Bento before heading back home

And the Eye of the Emirates which, according to some people, is the largest Ferris wheel in the Middle East. They also say that the fountain in front of the giant wheel is a musical/dancing fountain. I said say because I didn't hear any music nor see it dancing but I saw some kids "showering" over the fountain, I know right?!

 and this is the twinkle mentioned in the title.. :p