Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Speak Like an Emarati with Great Praise

Ana far7aana. 5l9t el class kaif armis emirati. (I'm happy. I completed the how to speak Emarati class) I graduated "magna cum laude" from Level 1, wallah (I swear) because only 2 out of 10 students have attended the exam-graduation Sunday night. LOL

I feel like I know a lot. I guess it's the Shaima-factor. She is good and effective teacher and has a sense of humor (she is a comedienne). I vouch that her teaching method (language + culture + humor) really does work. She also shares techniques that will make learning easier. I really enjoyed the whole thing to the hilt. I finished level 1, being able to compose, speak and understand simple Emirati Arabic sentences and feeling hopeful about being able to speak the accent with confidence soon. Can't wait to take it to the next level.. :)