Monday, May 21, 2012

FRIDAY is my 2nd favorite F word... to FOOD! :p

I love Friday because it's the weekend and my only one day off. Even though I don't have Saturday off like others (UAE's official weekend is Friday-Saturday) I'm still happy because at least I have a week-off. 

Being at home on Friday -lying in bed all day staring at the ceiling- can sometimes be boring. Of course, LOL. And sometimes going to a place where you can enjoy and keep busy can ruin your budget and empty your wallet. The only thing I know to save you from all of this is to do some volunteering..

So where was I last Friday eve? I was feeling really good somewhere at the BurJuman because I was helping/sorting through a collection of books (thousands of them) for the upcoming Pink Book Sale.  

Books in the boxes...

Books on the floor...

Books in the trolley...

The pile of books is a mile high!

Another good thing participating on this kind of activity, you'll find a lot of books -- those you've been looking for all of your life, LOL, in a cheaper price. Imagine, I bought these 2 books for only 20 dhs (US$ 5.50)

Okay guys, I'm off here to give hope to a hurting world! ;-)