Saturday, May 5, 2012

For OCDs (Obsessive Coffee Drinkers)

Fadiosis, the sweetest Saudi lady I know and a barista wannabe, gave me her Arabic coffee recipe few months ago. So here's how it is done and I'm going to call it . . .

Saudi Coffee a la Fadoodaah

Image Credit: Fadiosis
You are going to need the following:
2 big tbsp powdered Arabic beans
1 big tbsp powdered or normal peeled ginger (optional - if you like some sting in your coffee then add it)
a tiny pit of saffron

Mixed them in a coffee pot with water of course (LOL), and boil under low fire for 20-45 minutes (the longer the tastier).

Then voila, start pouring your coffee cup. Remember your gahwa ma3aa za3faran* is best served with dates (like Bedouins) or any type of desserts.

* Gahwa ma3aa za3faran means coffee with saffron.