Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Samantha Brick Within Me

I am going through some rough times lately but I think I'm handling it gracefully. It's Samantha Brick talking. Hahaha.

Last Saturday was my birthday so me and my roomies went to dine to the much heard place in the Pinoyhood --the La Mesa resto at Asiana Hotel. 
inside La Mesa resto
We stuffed ourselves with the buffet dinner and had a bottle of red wine. We paid the red wine a bit cheaper than the usual prize. The waiter gave us a discount maybe because of my dazzling beauty and pretty smile. LMAO. It is, again, Samantha Brick talking.  

It was holiday in my office last Sunday because of Easter so I got my sleepless Friday night compensated. Sunday afternoon I went to salon and got my hair done and went straight to my spoken Arabic (Emarati accent) class. I was 30 minutes late so I made a grand entrance in the class. The Emarati teacher was discussing something when I entered the room but said "Wow!" when she saw me and the whole class looked at me. I wasn't sure if the 'wow' was said because I was very late (she was informed beforehand of me running late) or just because I looked so stunning. It's Samantha once more. LOL.

I am SERIOUSLY trying desperately to keep my composure and not let my Samantha Brick within embarass me. LOL. I kid. I kid. I kid.

I hope you enjoy this post :D