Monday, April 2, 2012

The number you have reached has been changed and I won't tell you the new number.

Some callers really get on my nerves. I don't know, if it is me or them, but they make me snap.. big time! I'm losing the "formality" and all the "telephone etiquetes" I know when someone on the other line is proudly showing off his ass-ness.

Imagine this happens to you...
Me: Blahblah good morning! (said in a high-pitch tone, LOL)
Caller: Accounts please.
Me: May I know who's calling pls?
Caller: Matthew.
Me: May I know your company name?
Caller: Why do you want to get all my details? (in angry tone)
Me: I'm not getting all your details, I just want to know your company name because you are not the only Matthew in the world!
I think I won that argument because when he called again on the same day, he stated his name and company name immediately.

Well, that's what I thought. After few days he called again without me knowing it was him. I just realized during the call after the usual question-and-answer-portion between the caller and callee.
Caller: Why can't you remember who I am?
Me: I'm sorry I've no caller ID and I can't remember all the voices of.... (he butted-in).
Caller: It's not about the caller ID. I've been calling many times, why can't you just connect me?
Me: I'm sorry but you're not the only one who is calling this company. If only you had immediately said your name and company then you would be connected right then and there and probably talking to the right person by now, our time won't be wasted on talking like this. (Read: Well, if you don't like talking to me, the feeling is mutual I also don't want to talk to you so do me a favor, tell me who you are or your company name, it will save both our time.)
What is he thinking? I don't know.

Anyway, here are the types of caller I encounter on a daily basis :D

1. The Feeling VICs (very important callers). People who don't want to be put on hold even if they know it's not a direct number and their call is being transferred. How is it possible? Well, I don't know.

2. The Classified Callers. People who don't want to "reveal" their name or company name like it's a highly confidential thing. I don't know why.

3. The Cavemen Callers. People who don't know how to talk PROPERLY on the phone. They are the ones who mostly shout at you. Or say only the name of the person they want to talk to. No hello. No good morning/day. No please. Nothing.

4. The BFF Callers. People who are too friendly and want to know everything that's been going on with you asking "how are you? is everything fine? how's work? etc"  like you have no other work but to entertain their calls.

5. The Loser Callers. People who flirt. Enough said.

Now excuse me while I roll my eyes for an hour or two.

P.S. I might add another type of caller sometime later. Hope not...