Thursday, April 19, 2012

Parasailing, Banana Boat-ing, Creek Park-ing (Oh What a Day!)

Just let me float, just let me drift on by...

This is the entry you've been waiting for (I just assumed, teehee)..

I'm going to divide this entry into three: the first part is about my parasailing, second is the banana boating and the third is at the park.

Here's my life last Friday the 13th in jpeg..

Getting High in the Sky

I was soaring like a bird (or a big kite?) 250 meters high above the Dubai waters for 15 minutes looking down at my three friends on the speedboat screaming in excitement. I was the smallest in our group but the first one to try the parasailing out.. ;-)

Up, up and away!
It was a bit boring above, the sky wasn't that clear because there was a sandstorm the day before that. Got a bit scared too everytime they were letting me go and was feeling the wind, you know when the rope was getting longer and longer.. it felt like it was going to be cut off anytime. I was actually looking at the water calculating how far is the shore, convincing myself that... "Oh well, if ever I fall I won't get drowned. I'm wearing a life jacket. I know how to swim. And I'm pretty sure the speed boat will come to rescue me." Weird thoughts but it was FUN though! Haha.

Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR)

moi, struggling in the wind after parasailing

Getting Thrown into the Water

Banana boating was an unplanned activity. We didn't bring extra clothes nor wearing swimwears. It was like, since we were already there, why not try the ride. And so we did. Haha.

I chose the first corner the first time we got onto the Banana boat because I thought it was "safetier" there. Though I wasn't the first one who fall off the banana boat still that corner is not what I thought it was. The water splashed all over me and it got to my eyes so they were closed most of the time. Didn't see what was actually going on but felt how the boat tips sideways and how it bounces back onto the water.
After few turns, the driver began to speed up, the B-boat tipped over, and we found ourselves thrown into the water, LOL.  It was difficult pulling ourselves back onto the B-boat (I was the one on the last corner of the boat trying to climb back).
The adrenaline rush and not wanting to get drowned (even if we really won't) took over. After 'struggling into the water', the driver pulled us (3 girls) back one by one onto the speed boat and then transferred ourselves to the Banana boat. After we got back onto the B-boat, we shouted for more because we already knew what to do. Our positions were reversed and no one fell off. I tell you, the most relaxing sitting position is at the last corner of the B-boat.
After the ride, we stayed at "The Walk" to dry ourselves. We were sure no taxi driver will allow us to get in his taxi and drive us back home.
Warning: Banana boat ride will give you muscle pains. You will wake up next day with body pains. Same feeling you get after rollerblading and falling off the ground over and over or after a ride in a bump car. But it's okay, Banana boating is uber-thrilling!

Getting Full at the Park (LOL)

So we hurriedly washed ourselves up, changed our clothes and headed to Creek Park to attend some birthday lunch partay-partay of another friend. We were running late. The first thing we did after arriving at the park was eat to the fullest. It was like raining foods. There were lots to feast on. After eating we strolled around, took pics, some played cards, etc. We made ourselves busy because the wind at the park made us so sleepy. I think it was because we were tired. Then after an hour or two, we ate again.. LOL.

The Creek

The Park

And the bonus part :p
the FULLER moi ;-)

And it all happened in just one day...

♪♫ I'm twisting (twisting..., twisting...) ♫ I'm turning (turning..., turning...) ♫ I'm aching (aching..., aching...) ♫ And it's burning ♫ In one day..., in one day ♫♪

-the end-