Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From Europe to Gulf

I received this parcel today (I was actually expecting this to come during my birthday)...

From Europe to Gulf

This piece of paper says it was sent last March 22 (long before the ugly thing happened). A gift from Mr. ALTAMAZING. Amazon.co.uk says "We hope you enjoy your gift..."


The 'Sophie's World' and 'Persepolis' books were expected to be in the parcel because those 2 are ones of the books I want to read. The Atonement is the novel he wanted both of us to read and in which I agreed & promised to read it first before anything else because it IS his choice. He actually sent it without telling me its title or author for the fear of me reading it online before the book reaches me. I thought he was sending me the Hunger Games book and I used to think that he didn't want to tell me which book because he wanted to surprise me. (You are allowed to roll your eyes as many times as possible, LOL.)
The 3 books.
Right after I opened the parcel and saw what's inside, I SMS-ed Mr. Altamazing to thank him for the books. He replied "Anytime, hope you'd like the novel.."

I am torn between happy and sad..