Saturday, April 7, 2012

Being Odd in an Even Year

I won't forget my day this year. I received the biggest surprise of my life and it's not a happy one. I don't know how it happened or if it was really because of the things I've said or because I'm already "obsolete". Eww, I sound bitter saying that. LOL

I didn't get to sleep last night and went to work today like a zombie. Not blaming anyone but myself.

What I've learned from this whole brouhaha is history, sadly, does repeat itself.

And also when someone asked you a question and it is answerable by yes or no, just say yes or no right away and never ever explain unless you've been asked to. Because later on, your explanation will only put you in a situation you won't ever like. Learn to choose appropriate words and don't talk too much. If you won't think about it carefully, your words will go to the opposite direction of your intentions or whatever you are meaning to say. And everything will be blown out of proportion.

Well I've learned my lessons in the most painful way.

Still, I'm glad that at least I've got an early present from my bff in the PH last month, she sent me some stuff -- 2 bottles of multivitamins, 2 bottles of ascorbic acid, 2 bottles of vitamin e and 2 bottles of feminine wash :D